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Image-temporaire23-cmoifp.png Discovery of Linux and Mageia

Environments GNOME KDE Mageia LXDE Mate the command line Xfce the applications LXDE MATE Newcomers start here

Chaudron.png Installation

Auto inst : Automated installation • How to set up kernel options upgrade method Installation Media Installation on a SSD Installation of Mageia in dual boot with Windows Installing on systems with UEFI firmware Installing Mageia from ISO on disk Installing Mageia on a removable drive Configure media sources for install and updates Installing Mageia on ChromeOS devices IsoDumper Linx-7_tablet_dual_boot Mageia in dual boot with Windows8 and over(UEFI) • Netinstall Mageia Live USB Ways to install programs Writing CD and DVD images

Drakconf icone.png MCC tools (also called Draktools)

Drakguard Draklive Enabling the Testing media Installing and removing software Install and remove software for beginners Install media in Mageia for beginners Msec (Mageia security) • Server Wizards Software management

Image-temporaire12-cmoifp.png Sotware

Azure Citrix Receiver How to develop a Website Cookbook web2project Create a mirror inside your corporate network Dma_Dragonfly_Mail_Agent Dmesgs_compared Dropbox Finding_Mageia_rsync_servers Installation de Flash Plugin Google Earth Google talk video chat How to use iscsi Hubic Installer Java Oracle Installing OpenAFS Client Nextcloud Systemd-networkd

Image-temporaire14-cmoifp.png Hardware

Blackberry Playbook access EFI : can no longer boot into Mageia Efibootmgr File transfer with Android devices General troubleshooting LIRC (Infra-red Remote Control) • Journalisation MakeBootCD How to make a bootable CD • Power saving RAID and EVMS Remote Control with libCEC Rescue

Image-temporaire05-cmoifp.png The Community

Bugzilla How to report a bug properly How to write a wiki page Cauldron Finding Mageia rsync servers Mageia IRC Channels IRC bots user account Mailing lists Mgasoft Mirror List Sophie Transifex and git syncing What is i18n, what is l10n

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