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Sophie is an IRC bot that resides in some of the #mageia-* IRC channels, it provides very useful functionalities for getting information about RPM packages in the Mageia repos. In many channels Sophie has default settings for distribution name (Mageia of course), release and arch. Those defaults can be overruled by your personal settings.

Please note!
Nanar (Olivier Thauvin, nanardon AT nanardon DOT zarb DOT org) is Sophie's daddy. If she runs away or misbehaves, just mail him and he'll restart the service :-D

Common use

Common commands include

  • :v <package name> : Shows the version of a package
  • :s <package name> : Shows the summary of a package
  • :b <package> : Shows the builddate of a package
  • :maint <package> : Shows the maintainer of a package
  • :p <package> : Shows the last packager of the package
  • :url <package> : Shows the package URL (home page of project, etc)
  • :more <package> : Shows the complete description of a package
  • :q <foo> : Search rpm name matching foo
  • :findfile <file> : Finds the packages that provide a file
  • :whatis <foo> : Search rpm having description containing foo
  • :help <cmd> : Shows help about command cmd or list available commands

Common additional options include

  • -r <release> : Option to search a release other than the current one eg. -r cauldron
  • -d <distribution>: Option to search a distribution other than the current one eg. -d Mandriva
  • -a <arch> : Option to specify the architecture ie. i586 or x86_64
  • -s : Option to search in the SRPMS instead of binary/noarch

Usage Examples

To show the version of the coreutils package in Mageia 6:

 :v coreutils -d Mga -r 6

To show the version of the systemd package in Mageia Cauldron:

 :v systemd -d Mga -r cauldron

To show the version of the hplip package in Mandriva 2010.2:

 :v hplip -d Mdv -r 2010.2

To show which of the distros sophie has information about carries the 2mandvd package:

 :q 2mandvd

To show all the packages in Mageia 6 that match the string "udev":

 :q udev -d Mga -r 6

Changing your default search settings

  • :show to see what your settings and the settings used in that context are
  • :set <parametername> <parameter> to change a default setting for yourself
  • :set release cauldron to change your default setting for the release to cauldron (replace "cauldron" by "5" or "6" as needed)
  • :set arch x86_64 to change your default arch to X86_64 (replace "x86_64" by "i586" as needed)
  • :set distribution Mageia to change your default distribution to Mageia (can be needed in private chats with Sophie)

For more help you can go to the help page and if you don't like IRC there is an online chat.

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