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Please note!
If you want to register with a yahoo e-mail address, and there is a chance that you'll ever post to one of our mailing lists, then please get an e-mail address with another provider first. Mailing list mails from a yahoo sender cannot be received by more than 50% of us, and cause those mails to bounce back to our servers

Creating a new account

How do I create a new account?

Go to the Mageia identity registration page, fill the empty fields, keeping the following in mind:

  • Please use an e-mail address that you won't need to change, because changing it may cause problems with the mailing list service.
  • You won't be able to change your user name (user id) later
  • Please don't use underscores ( _ ) in your user name, because the wiki does not recognise them in usernames.

Then click on the Register button at the bottom of the page.

  • If you registered successfully, you see this message: Registration completed Registration was successful. Check your mail for activation instructions. If after some minutes, you didn't receive any mail, check in your spam-box.

Using your account

Where can I use this account

Everyone can read the Wiki, but if you want to edit a wiki page, and to prevent spamming, please subscribe to the [doc-discuss] mailing list (category documentation) and just give your user-name to get the editing rights (this procedure is temporary).

My e-mail address doesn't work as username

Whatever username (maybe your nick?) you gave when registering, should be used, except on the mailing list server.

My username doesn't work

For the mailing list service, please enter your e-mail address instead of your username.

For the wiki: the wiki can't detect an underscore ("_") in your name, if you have one in it, please make an additional user account without underscore.

I forgot my password

You can reset it here: forgot password

However, if you have commit or other rights you'll get a message: Privileged accounts may not recover passwords via this mechanism

In that case, do one of the following:

Editing your account

How do I edit my account?

What does cn mean?

Common name. It gets the values of ("givenName" "sn") when you register.

What does givenName mean?

Your first name, forename, given name, Christian name

What does mail mean?

Your e-mail address.

Warning and how-to for changing your e-mail address

Please note!
As of 19 February 2018, it is temporarily impossible for anyone to change the e-mail address of his/her user account. The option was unsafe. A sysadmin will look into restoring the function with much better security asap.

Your e-mail address can be changed in, but you are advised not to do so because it may lead to problems with the Sympa mailing lists server.

If you cannot keep the same e-mail address, then make sure you:

  • first remove yourself from all Sympa mailing lists you're a member of
    • do the most important one(s) last!
  • then change the e-mail address in Mageia Identity Management
  • then add yourself to those mailing lists again
    • do the most important one(s) first!

Maybe you'll miss one or more mails, though, so you might want to check the archives of the mailing lists when you're done.

What does preferredLanguage mean?

Your preferred language is the language you will see wherever possible, like in the side bar of the new wiki. It overrules the settings in your browser.

What does sn mean?

Your surname or family name.

What does uid mean?

Your user id or username (your nick if you chose that when registering), this cannot be changed.

Please note!
Our wiki currently can't handle an underscore in the uid. If you intend to write or edit pages in this wiki, then please make sure you have a uid that does not contain a "_".