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The pm-fallback-policy package comes it default behaviour for acpid if no other programs are watch ACPI events. It manages :

- the power and suspend buttons,
- power plug events to activate power saving through the '''pm-powersave''' command
- harddrive heads protection when an accelerometer is avaliable


A dense layer of dust between your fan and you CPU heat sink can make your CPU very hot, and, by reaction, very slow (up to 5 times slower in my case) and your fan very noisy. Eventually, our computer will begin to stop suddenly when it gets too hot. To increase air flow across the more important parts of your computer, you should close those gaping expansion slot openings at the back of your computer that you don't use any more (with sellotape if there is nothing else), and clean your computer inside twice a year. Depending on your contract, it's possible your guarantee get void if you open the box. In such a case, consider having your computer cleaned by your reseller.

Before cleaning your computer, unplug it from the mains. Synthetic clothes may carry static electricity, dangerous for your computer.

When cleaning your computer, stop the fans from moving BEFORE blowing or sucking the dust off them. Spinning the fans with a vacuum cleaner can damage the fan controllers and/or motors.

Keeping the room cool

The hotter is the room your computer is in, the more difficult it is to evacuate the heat, and the more energy will be used for that. Keep your computer room cool and well ventilated.


Userland support

pm-suspend interface

pm-suspend is the official suspend interface, it is provided by the pm-utils package. It takes care of shutting down services and removing modules before going to suspend and restart those things after coming back.

Usage: pm-suspend
or : pm-suspend-hybrid
or : pm-hibernate


These applications call pmsuspend to trigger the suspend:

  • kde
  • gnome-power-manager

Suspend sequence


CPU frequency

CPU frequency scaling modules

The cpupower services manages everything. You can change it's default behaviour with the command cpupower.