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This document describes how to install Google Earth in Mageia.


Mageia does not include Google Earth in the official repositories, so you have to download it manually.

If you don't already know, check if your system is 32-bit or 64-bit: open Menu > Tools > Konsole, type the following

getconf LONG_BIT

and press ENTER.

Then, visit [1] and select the appropriate .rpm (Fedora/openSUSE) option for your system.

Please note!
You may find it better to install the 32bit version of Google Earth regardless of your architecture. This is because the 64bit version of Google Earth is actually the 32bit version, but with modifications to make it run in a pure 64bit environment. As Mageia supports 32bit and 64bit applications natively, the Google 64bit compatibility libraries that come with the "64bit" package of Google Earth are not neccessary, out-of-date, and will often result in it crashing!

If you agree with Google's Terms of Service, save the package.


If you're running a 64-bit system, you may have to install package lsb-lib before Google Earth is able to run. Go to Menu > Install & Remove Software and set the view to All packages. Select and install lsb-lib.


Go to the location you saved google-earth-stable_current_*.rpm. Double click the file and press install. The installer may ask you to install a Mail Transport Agent. Choose what suits you the best; the default should be fine for most users.

Now you can access the program via Menu > Internet > Google Earth


You have to add the Google repositories manually.

Open Source Alternatives

Marble is a virtual globe and world atlas, available in the official repositories. Search for package marble.


If the program doesn't start, try starting it from the terminal by typing


The output might give you (or us) a clue about what is wrong.

Keep in mind that Google Earth is a proprietary program, and Mageia developers are not able to modify or fix it in any way.


[2] Mageia forums - Google Earth can't run

[3] Mageia forums - Add Google Apps repositories in Mageia