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Erzulie shows the title of a web page ( useful when a bug report is posted )


Inigo_Montoya is a meetbot, used for meetings, he produces the reports on

Useful commands are: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic. And of course #startmeeting #chair and #endmeeting


[mbot snarf the title of a web page (like erzulie) and the bugs.
Other commands:

  • bug XXX or ,bug XXX : shows info of a bug report.
  • seen <nick> : returns the last time <nick> was seen (works only in the current channel)
  • ,buglist : make a buglist of a search (for more info)
  • ,query : same as before but show 5 bugs (can be floods)
  • ,g : search with google and the lucky click
  • ,qawiki : search on the QA procedure name space in this wiki
  • ,wiki : search on the wiki (also with google and
  • ,wtf : search on wikipedia
  • ,maint <package> : returns the maintainer of the <package> (It use the same api as here )
  • ,svn <package>: returns the list of commiters (and the number of how much they did) of the <package> (It use the same api as here )
  • ,uh <nick> command : returns <nick>: <the result of the command>
  • ,changelog <release> <rpm> : return the url to sophie which show the changelog of a package for the release
  • ,help <command> : returns the help of <command>


Sophie is an IRC bot that resides in some of the #mageia-* IRC channels, she provides very useful functionalities for getting information about RPM packages in the Mageia repos

Learn more about the commands for Sophie on our own Sophie page


If Xochiquetzal is present, you can ask him when and where somebody was seen last in one of the channels the bot watches, by asking, without typing his name, seen <name of somebody> When he replies, he'll add the last words said by him or her


dukelovett is an Eggdrop bot that hangs out in #mageia-social. Runs on a full set of custom scripts developed by Regularly feeds Mageia & Linux related news to the channel and sports features like RSS feeds, last seen lookup, google search, info system, url information, as well as eggdrop core features such as dcc/partyline chat and fileserver access.


To counteract the spammattack on Freenode, the Voicer bot allows people on the chan to write after a defined delay.
The voicer can, when desired, send a private notification to the client.
Sources are stored here :

Preparing the chan

Only a chan operator can invite the bot with the freenode command:

 /invite Voicer

The voicer needs to become a chan operator, with the freenode command:

 /mode #TheCurrentChannel +o Voicer

The channel must prevent people to write with the "moderate" option

 /mode #TheCurrentChannel +m

If the chan doesn't allow unregistered people, it is useless, remove the registered only option:

 /mode #TheCurrentChannel -r

Configuring Voicer

Notice related:

 #To start notice :
   Voicer: start notice
 #To stop notice :
   Voicer: stop notice
 #To see the current notice :
   Voicer get notice
 #Setting a private notice for new people in the chan: 
   Voicer: set notice "The new notice there"

Security related: Keep in mind, it doesn't check whether the nick is spoofed.

 #Locking the configuration to one nick, after beeing locked, only that "nick" can change the configuration:
   Voicer: set lock
 #To know which nick locked the configuration:
   Voicer: who lock
 #To unlock the configuration (only possible by the nick which locked the configuration):
   Voicer: unlock

Voice related:

 #Setting the delay in seconds only (note that there is NO SPACE between the number 60 and "sec"):
   Voicer: set time 60sec
 #To get the delay:
   Voicer: get time
 #To start voicing :
   Voicer: start voice
 #To stop voicing :
   Voicer: stop voice