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If you're new to Mageia, and especially if you're new to Linux, the following will help you to get started:


If you can't find what you need in the documentation below, there are several ways to get support. Read more here.

Wiki documentation

Discovery of Linux and Mageia

Official documentation in several languages

Click the link to to find documentation in several languages about:

Installation of Mageia with traditional installer (choose Installer)
MCC, the Mageia Control Center (choose Control Center)
Installation of Mageia with Live medium
Network installation


Anyone can contribute to Mageia - even if they are new to Mageia, or perhaps new to Linux itself. Here are just a few ways:

  • You can help us have better documentation by letting the Documentation team know if something is missing from our documentation, or if something is unclear.
  • You can help the QA team test updates. There are easy updates to begin with!
  • If you're creative or good at marketing, you can help Atelier team.

Here is a full list of Mageia teams, along with their roles.

We're a community distro - the more volunteers, the better Mageia's future will be :-D