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Web2Project is a web-based collaborative project management tool. It's a fork of DotProject, but is now very different, although the features and general look and feel are similar. For more information on web2project, take a look at their project page.

These are simple instructions to create an EMPTY, CLEAN web2project installation. I shall assume you have a working LAMP installation on the target computer.

Simply follow the recipe by copying and pasting the commands into your own command box. If you prefer, you can type them in manually, of course. This is a recipe: follow it if you wish, but you are free to modify the process if you think it will be easier or better for you.

As you will see from the prompt in the examples, we're using a fictitious user named "maggi" and the non-existent computer we're using here is a huge, ancient box called "clunk" (the noise it makes when you throw it out of the window). Obviously, your command prompt will look different to this. These names are only there for effect, and to represent what you will see in your command box. Just remember not to type any of that into your command prompt or when using cut-and-paste. Copy-and-paste is recommended as it avoids your typing errors, but maybe not mine!

  • Open a command prompt (Konsole, Terminal) and make yourself superuser by typing (note the minus after space):
[maggi@clunk ~]$ su -
[root@clunk simmi]#

It is possible to use "sudo", as one would use in Debian-like distributions such as Mint and Ubuntu. Please feel free to use sudo if you wish not to become root to follow this recipe. You may have to set up sudo on your Mageia first.

There are a couple of prerequisites you may need. The GD Graphics library is required to produce Gantt charts. ADODB is a database abstraction layer used by web2project. Each of these items have hosts of other files attached to them. Don't worry. Install the lot.

[root@clunk simmi] urpmi libgd2 php-adodb php-gd
  • Move to the directory in which you will install web2project. You can do all sorts of clever things with Apache, like bury applications such as web2project in the filesystem rather than in the web root, but let's keep it simple. It makes no difference to the way it works.
[root@clunk simmi] cd /var/www/html
[root@clunk html] 
  • We then download the latest development version of web2project (very nearly version 3.0, currently on feature freeze prior to release and therefore quite usable) from github, a development portal. Using the wget comand downloads the file directly from the web site involved into the directory you're using. It's faster and more convenient than clicking on a link, downloading a file via a browser and then moving it from there to where you wish to use it. Wget does all that in four letters and a link.
[root@clunk html] wget

This is the development version. If you prefer the release version (currently 2.4 with 3.0 imminent: not recommended) then use the alternative command given below.

[root@clunk html] wget  wget
  • Extract and rename folder. The master tarball usually contains a folder named "master", but the name can vary. Use the name you get not the one I have quoted here, if it's different.

We'll call the new system "pms" (project management system, of course) and make sure the web server can access it by making the web server the owner of the directory and its contents.

[root@clunk html] tar -zxvf master.tar.gz
[root@clunk html] mv master pms
[root@clunk html] chown -R apache:apache pms
  • Then create a database and a user for the database, which we shall call "web2project". The user is w2puser and his password is "sillyboy25".
[root@clunk html] mysql -u root -p
(enter your mysql admin password)
mysql> CREATE DATABASE web2project;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)
mysql> GRANT INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT ON web2project.* TO 'w2puser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'sillyboy25';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.02 sec)
mysql> exit
[root@clunk html]
  • You should then be able to log in to your web2project installation by going to http://clunk/pms (use YOUR computer's name, not mine, of course)
  • You will be taken through an installation check page (make sure the required dependencies are met before continuing). At the end of the installation process you should have a shiny new web2project installation.