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This document describes how to install Google Talk voice and video chat plugin on Mageia.


Check your web cam works. Install and run the cheese application:

$ sudo urpmi cheese
$ cheese

Add urpmi media source

Add a urpmi media updates source because this enables Google talk plugin automatic updates when the system is updated.

Select one of the following. If you are unsure which one to select, type "uname -m" to determine 32-bit or 64-bit.

On 32-bit Mageia:

$ uname -m
$ sudo urpmi.addmedia --updates google-talkplugin

For 64-bit Mageia:

$ uname -m
$ sudo urpmi.addmedia --updates google-talkplugin

Install Google Talk Plugin

$ sudo urpmi google-talkplugin

Start web browser

Start your web browser (eg Firefox or Chrome). Login to your Gmail account( ).

You can verify that the Google Talk plugin is working for both audio and video via the Gmail preferences menu:

  1. Click on the "gear cog" icon at top right. 2013 03 10 gmail settings 1.png
  2. Click on "Mail settings".
  3. Click on "Chat" (at top).
  4. Click on "verify your settings" and check the video and audio work OK.

I have tested this in Firefox and Chrome browsers.


Google voice and video chat

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