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This page is intended to organise the work on wiki pages.

If you want to create a page for the documentation, we are happy for you to take the initiative. However, you should first check that no existing page - either partially or completely - covers the subject you want to document. Consider also improving/expanding a page which seems to be incomplete. If you intend to modify a page substantially, it is a good idea to mention it either in the mailing list doc-discuss or directly with the original writer.

If you start to work on one of the topics below, please post in the mailing list doc-discuss the link to the page you started here, together with your name and current progress. This information should be updated frequently, to avoid duplication or multiple contributors working on the same topic in parallel.

What you can do

We have listed below a structure of the documentation as we imagine it can be, with main items and sub-entries. The existing pages are already linked to. We have assessed their degree of completeness, so you can see which ones you are invited to complete.

We have also given an indication of the priority to be given (high or low) and the skill level needed (normal user, advanced user, expert).

Here is a short list of selected items.

Top wishes

Here are the items that we would particularly like people to work on, according to the skill level of the writer.

Normal user skill

Introduction, main features, hardware resources...

Advanced user skill

  • Which hardware for Mageia:

Explain that most of the hardware is supported, which hardware needs special drivers

Expert level skill

  • systemd

The aim of systemd, how it works, main commands to get info...


How to write a wiki page

  • Draft banner
  • Categories
  • languages management, in the meantime languages problems are solved.
  • translations



Existing pages listed in the Documentation home page


Using Mageia










Emulation and Virtualization



  • Rpm Databases
  • Packaging RPM

The Linux system

  • files tree
  • systemd
  • udev
  • log files
  • the superuser Root To revise. The French version from the Mandriva wiki seems to be the source.
  • USB stick How to mount a USB stick. Seems to be a draft.
  • How to use Git. Seems to be a draft.