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New to Linux, or using both Mageia and Windows

Choosing between the available installation media

  • For an overview and explanation, please go to our Installation Media page
  • Most installation media can be downloaded here

How to install

Traditional installer

A full copy of the Mageia Installer help is available here:
Installer help texts

There is also a live feed from the Mageia Documentation Team's XML Repository, so is as fresh as it can get.
Installer help texts live

We are still working on the help texts. If you see a page in the above link is incomplete or wrong and you want to help improve it, please contact doc team on #mageia-doc

Installing a Live CD

Installing LiveCD

Network install

Boot.iso install

Installing on a Mac

A rough guide on how to install Mageia on at least a Mac Mini 4.1 (mid 2010) is available here.