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There is a new UEFI how-to

If you have a volume with more than 2TB, you'll want to use a GPT partition table. GPT is part of the EFI specification, however it is not necessary to have a UEFI capable machine to use GPT partitions, this should also work on most BIOS-based computers. Unfortunately the installer in Mageia 1 does not support creating GPT partitions. It is however possible to install Mageia 1 on GPT partitions if the partitions are already created. gdisk is a tool available in Mageia that can be used to create the GPT partitions.

You can use the following steps to install Mageia with GPT partitions :

  • install Mageia, with old dos partition table and boot it (you can also use a live cd)
  • install gdisk
  • using gdisk, create all the GPT partitions that you want to use
  • reboot the Mageia installer
  • at the partitioning step, select "custom disk partitioning". You should be able to see the GPT partitions, change their type in "expert mode" and select the mount points.
  • finish the install and reboot

You can find more infos about gdisk and GPT partitions on the gdisk website.