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Welcome to the Doc Team information portal

The Documentation Team (Doc Team for short) is a loose collaboration of people interested in making Mageia as easy to use as possible.
We can't all be programmers, and programmers are not always the best people to write manuals and help pages for their software. That's where the Doc Team comes in.
We try not to be too formal, we're always looking for people to help. It's not a full-time job for anyone, so the more people that can offer their skills, the better.
Doc Team and its work

The task of the Doc Team is to

Deputies: Papoteur and Lebarhon
Wiki contact: Lebarhon
Calenco contact: Marja van Waes

Learn more about us on our team page

Our team credits page

IRC, meetings, mailing lists, archives
  • We chat in the #mageia-doc IRC channel
  • We meet on the first Monday of each month at:
    • 21h CET/CEST (Paris time)
      • this is 20h UTC in winter
      • and it is 19h UTC in summer (± April till end of October)
      • don't hesitate to ask if you don't know how to calculate the meeting time according to your time zone!
    • Feel free to submit agenda items here for consideration.
Wiki Toolbox
  • How to write and maintain wiki pages
    • How to write Recipes for Mageia
    • How to write a wiki page
    • to be written: page about maintaining the wiki:
      • tips on how to see if a page was imported from somewhere else and how to check its original license
      • when to move or delete a page
      • what to do with all the "Draft" pages
      • etc.
  • Wiki Todo page (about pages we should have: which ones we do have, which are missing and which need to be completed)
  • Docteam Todo list contains the priorities for the doc team
Calenco Document Management System