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Installer Help Texts

This page is the summary of the work done and todo about help for the installer. The result can be see here.

For Mageia 2

Installer help texts
Or if you prefer one of the following translations:
Brazilian Portuguese installer help texts
Dutch installer help texts
Esperanto installer help texts
French installer help texts
German installer help texts
Greek installer help texts
Ukrainian installer help texts

Please keep in mind, while reading this online help, that nobody gets all the steps that are shown: How many and which screens you'll see while installing depend on your computer and on the choices you make.

We are still working on these help texts. If you see a page in an above link is incomplete or wrong and you want to help improve it, please contact doc team on #mageia-doc


  1. (DONE in "de", "el", "en", "eo", "es", "et", "fr", "nl","pt_BR" and "uk") Copy setupBootloaderBeginner.xml to setupBootloader.xml and
    1. correct the xml:id's where needed and
    2. all the links to setupBootloaderBeginner (from setupBootloaderExpert and from misc-params.xml)
    3. replace the text in setupBootloaderBeginner by a short explanation and a link setupBootloader (removed setupBootloaderBeginner for es, because it hadn't been translated yet)
  2. (DONE in "en", "el", "et", "fr", "nl") Write setupBootloaderAddEntry.xml
  3. (DONE in "de", "el", "en", "eo", "es", "et", "fr", "nl","pt_BR", "sv" and "uk") Copy setupX.xml to the configureX_chooser.xml, again while
    1. correcting xml:id's and while
    2. correcting the link from misc-params.xml
    3. replace the text in setupX with a short explanation and a link to configureX_chooser
  4. (DONE in "en", "el", "et", "fr", "nl", "uk") Write configureX_card_list.xml
  5. (DONE in "en", "el", "et", "fr", "nl", "uk") Write configureX_monitor.xml
  6. (DONE in "en", "el", "et", "fr", "nl") DrakX.xml: uncomment or add all new files
  7. (DONE) comment out or remove setupBootloaderBeginner and setupX *before* Mageia 3 is released (but leave them now, in case there are links to them on
  8. but only remove setupX.html from SVN (because there is a link - even if currently not attached to a visible help button - in installer to setupBootloaderBeginner.html) OOps, removed both :/
  9. Make sure those changes/translations are done for all languages - in DrakX.xml a new string needs to be translated, the new strings in the old files don't have to be translated (the files will be deprecated before 3 release), see also Calenco translations report#Installer help
  10. make a footer with our license
  11. commit new generated html files to SVN (DONE for configureX_chooser and for setupBootloader for all languages we currently have in installer help, also done for 2012/08/31 "en" versions of setupBootloaderAddEntry, configureX_card_list and configureX_monitor)

Look at the English online help with the changes, as far as they are done.

Installer File Names

This is a list of installer text file names and where a link is coded in different perl files of installer (drakX).

The last files haven't any links which point them.

The problem being: Do we change the Installer file names, or change the subroutines in drakX? The links without files are in bold.

File (drakx/perl-installer by default) Link Anchor Title Comments ask_mntpoint_s PARTITIONING acceptLicense LICENSE AGREEMENT add_supplemental_media Added in 2013 addUser choosePackages choosePackages choosePackages choose-graphical-env New link: chooseDesktop choosePackages choosePackagesGroups New link: choosePackageGroups choosePackages choosePackagesTree New link: choosePackagesTree choosePackages minimal-install New link: minimal-install
drakx-net/trunk/lib/network/ configureNetwork missing help button after choosing Network in summary
drakx-kbd-mouse-x11/trunk/lib/Xconfig/ configureX_chooser Graphic Card & Monitor Configuration link works
drakx-kbd-mouse-x11/trunk/lib/Xconfig/ configureX_monitor This is a display device


link works
drakx-kbd-mouse-x11/trunk/lib/Xconfig/ configureX_card_list Choose an X server link works diskdrake PARTITIONING doPartitionDisks PARTITIONING exitInstall formatPartitions FORMATTING Install_Button installUpdates INSTALL OR UPGRADE media_selection Added in 2013 misc-params misc-params.html drakxid-selectCountry New link: selectCountry misc-params drakxid-configureServices New link: configureServices misc-params drakxid-configureTimezoneGMT New link: configureTimezoneUTC misc-params draxid-miscellaneous New link: securityLevel resizeFATChoose selectInstallClass INSTALL OR UPGRADE selectKeyboard KEYBOARD selectLanguage


drakx-kbd-mouse-x11/trunk/lib/ selectMouse setRootPassword setupBootloader Bootloader main options link works setupBootloaderAddEntry link works setupBootloaderBeginner Bootloader Installation Where do you want to install the bootloader? setupYabootAddEntry PPC setupYabootGeneral PPC summary takeOverHdChoose takeOverHdConfirm PARTITIONING
modules/ setupSCSI # FIXME: missing ref to upper window:
setupX Remove setupX.html from SVN before Mga3freeze

more User:Simonnzg/InstallerTexts


We have tested the result of modifications in text and in the installer by using a chroot method. This page give the detail of the procedure. This method can also be used to get screenshots in different languages.


For Calenco only

You may want to have a look at the: Calenco user's guide
There are also DocBook 5: The Definitive Guide (useful for writing Calenco documents) and
DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide (useful for making Calenco publications).

Writing and/or Translating documentation

See How to write and translate Mageia documentation! and Calenco translations report

Packaging Installer help

First, the related Calenco publications must be made: one for every language to be packaged. Look here for instructions how to do that. The output must be committed to For installer help, that is to

How to package drakx-installer-help
How to package mageia-doc to be completed