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This page can be used by anyone to submit agenda items for the Docteam IRC Meetings.

Please add your Nick, Item and Description to the end of the table for the current year (If you are unsure how to do this, then please ask here).

General information about the Documentation Team meetings can be found here.

Docteam Agenda Submissions 2019
Proposed by Item Description Status Result
1 apb List of members For various reasons, I feel that it would be good to review and update the membership list. Is it possible to determine any instances of a) former contributors b) people who may have 'become members' but who (after a significant period), may not have have actually taken things any further than that?
2 apb Calenco workspaces Further discuss possible viability of a WIP (Work In Progress) workspace?
3 apb MCC formatting: titles/headings Due (no doubt) to different authors of the MCC since its creation - and the resulting content of the Mageia manual - a mix of title-case and sentence-case is found throughout the MCC and the manual (sometimes even mixed within sections). Is it possible a) to decide which particular style is preferable b) fix this inconsistency - both in the manual and the MCC itself? I could do the manual, but some person/s responsible for maintenance of the MCC would have to agree that this is justified, and be willing to carry out any such changes to the MCC. I could provide a current titles/headings list at the wiki.
4 apb MCC structure: category order I believe that the ordering of the MCC categories comes across as being quite jumbled, and haphazard. I would like to see a change: 4a. Obviously, if this was supported by the Doc team, then others (who, btw?) would need to be in agreement and be willing to make the changes.
5 apb MCC structure: overlap Possible overlap between MCC main categories? 4b
6 apb MCC valid/relevant content Any thoughts on these? See: 3a & [1]; [2]; [3].

Docteam Agenda Submissions 2018
Proposed by Item Description Status Result
1 Lebarhon Calenco credentials for apb Provisionally offer Calenco credentials to apb (Antony Baker)? Closed 2018/01/21 Credentials received
2 Docteam Collaborative tool Explore potential candidates for Calenco (and also general) doc collaboration. Open 2018/01/22 framapad adopted for further tests
3 Lebarhon DrakX manual comments Decide on the comments (DrakX-odtV3-comments-apb.odt) made during the Installer manual Closed 2018/01/22 approved DrakX-odtV3-comments-apb.odt (with comments during 2018/01/15 meeting).
4 Lebarhon Extend DrakX comments to other manuals? Implement the decisions (as per DrakX-odtV3-comments-apb.odt) to the other manuals? Closed 2018/01/22 approved. apb ToDo.
5 Lebarhon DrakX section 23. Implement proposed (DrakXsection23.pdf) alternative to section 23? Note: I have since done (DrakXsection23v2.pdf),, which I think is better apb. Closed 2018/02/16 Done @ Calenco Mga7 workspace
6 apb DrakX ‘tree’ structure Implement proposed (ReorderDrakXv2.ods) DrakX tree structure? Closed Done @ Calenco for Mga7 workspace. (Though the actual resulting modifications differ slightly from the original proposal).
7 apb DrakX Firewall reword Implement Paul Blackburn’s rewording? Closed 2018/02/16 Done @ Calenco Mga7 workspace
8 apb GPT/BIOS partitioning reword Discuss/implement andre999’s rewording? Closed 2018/02/16 Done @ Calenco Mga7 workspace
9 apb DrakX section 2.4 (blank page) See Note: I have since discovered an 'orphan' end-section tag at the bottom of the installer.xml file which is responsible and needs to be deleted. (btw, the tag is written wrongly anyway). Actually, it is an empty-section tag <section/> [apb] Closed 2018/01/30 Fixed @ Calenco. No agenda topic needed for this now.
10 apb Variation of styles in manuals Variation of styles due to different authors and software. a) Is it possible to establish set styles for each element – and then implement in the Writing Policy? b) Is there also an issue with using different software editors?
11 Papoteur Official Manuals management Do viable options exist to implement/maintain more than one release version of Official manuals at the same time?
Lebarhon: Do we need a different name for SCs in each WS or only if SCs are different or the SCs can keep their current name in all the WS? (think to the missing screenshots script)
Open Workspace Mga7 created. We use it for next release. Translations are not updated in it.
12 Lebarhon DrakX Installation Welcome Screen Implement proposed definition of "Safe settings" by Martin Whitaker: For the technically minded, "Safe Settings" adds the following options to the kernel boot command line: "apm=off acpi=off mce=off barrier=off ide=nodma idewait=50 i8042.nomux psmouse.proto=bare irqpoll pci=nommconf"

Closed 2018/02/16 Done @ Calenco Mga7 workspace
13 Lebarhon DrakX Uninstalling Mageia The section needs an extra chapter for UEFI. Lewis gave an opinion: Open
14 Lebarhon DrakX addUser.xml The Installer GUI has a poorly worded label in the User Management screen: "Enter a user". "Add a user" would be better. Open
15 Lebarhon DrakX configureX_chooser.xml Disable the Graphic Test tool when a graphic card is detected which'll freeze the system when the test button is used. Closed 2018/03/24 No need to disable the Graphic Test tool, it is working again.
16 Papoteur Netinstall publications Add profile.condition = classical Closed Done for Mga7 workspace
17 Lebarhon Wiki main page Put in place the new page designed by zalappy Closed July 2018 new design implemented.