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There is a manual for Calenco here or a more up to date one in French here.

There is a list of docbook xml tags here and some advice on xml here.

There is a list of the xml tags used in the Mandriva documentation here

Mounting a Calenco WebDAV share on your local filesystem

Please note!
Translations are no longer done in Calenco, but are first committed to git (after doing the translation with a local tool or with Transifex). After that, the translated xml files are uploaded to Calenco

Only for English documentation writers and proofreaders

The full editor in the Calenco web interface takes care of increasing the version of the file you edit and save, and of adding your last changes to the history.
Editing files using WebDAV does not do that, so should really be avoided. Please upload your edited xml files over the Calenco web interface, instead, if you cannot or will not use that full editor. Uploading over the web interface will add your changes to the history, too, so be easy to revert to in case someone accidentally overwrites your work!

For translators with git access

If you git commit and push the updated po and xml files, then git will take care of the version control, and there is no urgent need to make sure your translation updates are added to the Calenco history. So feel free to use WebDAV to copy updated xml files from git to Calenco.

The easiest way is to open Dolphin, split the screen and open the local git directory with the updated xml files for your language on one side, and this link on the other side:


adjust "xy" to your language code, so to e.g. "pt_BR" for Brazilian Portuguese, or "es" for Spanish.
(You'll need to give your Calenco user name and password.)
Please double check that you're in the correct language directory on both sides of the screen.
Then copy the updated xml files from the git part of your screen to the Calenco part.
Finally, ask someone with Calenco access to regenerate the publications for your language when you're done.

For uploading (updated) screenshots

We've had issues retrieving original screenshots from the Calenco history in the correct size, when they were accidentally overwritten with a wrong one.
Please try to keep a copy from any screenshots you upload.
Please also check that screenshots you updated/added over WebDAV (see the section above for how to do that), have the correct size in the publications when they are regenerated. If they turn out too small, then please re-upload them over the web interface.