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The Mageia QA Team

The QA Team comprises a group of volunteers from the Mageia community. It acts as a buffer between the developers who make Mageia and the public who use it and works to ensure the overall quality of the Mageia distribution. Every update and bug fix made to the distribution goes through QA to ensure Mageia is as good as it can possibly be!

The QA Team portal has more information on the various roles and processes and everything else to do with Mageia's QA Team.

Contact the team

  • Mageia websites (forum, wiki, bugzilla, mailing lists) all share a common login which you can manage here if you want to change email address etc. To subscribe to any mailing list you log in at the top of the page with your registered email address & password and then just click Subscribe on whichever lists you wish to subscribe to.
  • Subscribing to the QA-Discuss mailing list and then send a mail message to it, to introduce yourself
  • By joining the #mageia-meeting IRC channel on Freenode
  • Team leader : David Hodgins (DavidWHodgins) - davidwhodgins AT
  • Deputy leader : William Kenny (wilcal) - AT
  • Deputy leader : Thomas J Andrews (MageiaTJ) - andrewsfarm AT gmail dot com

Join the team

If you would like to give something back to Mageia and help to make it better than it already is, but you're not sure what you can do or if you'd simply like to be amongst the first to get your hands on new software, then why not join the QA Team. There is always plenty to do and volunteers are very very welcome.

You don't need any special knowledge and you don't need to run the development branch, Cauldron, which can be unstable when the developers are playing with new things. All you need is a Mageia installation, a thirst to try new things & learn about stuff and be able to create some time!

We have two main mailing lists we use. QA-Discuss is where we discuss QA related things and is not very busy. The other one, QA-Bugs is quite busy because it is the main list which receives updates directly from Bugzilla for bugs we are assigned to.

How to get started, it's quite simple..

  • Decide to join the team.
  • Join the two mailing lists and send a short introduction to qa-discuss.
  • Get involved!

That's it. Really. Somebody will then welcome you to the team. Most of what you need to know to get started is already here on the wiki. It is useful if you can also join us on IRC where questions can be quickly answered and a bot can provide useful information on the various Mageia packages. Also meetings are held there every Thursday.