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Mageia 8

Note que nós iremos adicionar problemas da lista [1] à medida que eles são comunicados.


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1) Por predefinição o GNOME utiliza o servidor monitor Wayland. Wayland is still not fully mature, and may not work well on some hardware. Normally GNOME will automatically fall back to using the display server if Wayland fails to start, but in some cases this fails to happen. If the GNOME desktop fails to launch after completing the initial language and locale selection, or if you experience display problems, you can try forcing GNOME to use the display server by adding nowayland to the boot options in the initial boot menu (press e to edit the boot options).

2) Por predefinição o serviço do «Gestor de Redes» está ativado No lugar do antigo serviço de gestão de redes. On the plus side, this means that the NetworkManager applet integrated into the GNOME desktop works; on the minus side it means that attempting to configure your network connection via the MCC does not work. Use the drop-down menu accessible from the top right corner of the GNOME desktop to perform any necessary network configuration. For wired connections, the network is usually configured automatically and you don't need to do anything. For wireless networks, you will usually need to select an access point and, if it is password-protected, enter the password.