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Tips for beginners

Install and remove software (for beginners)

  • Install and remove programs in Mageia Control Center - MCC - graphics mode
  • Before installing any software / programs on Mageia Linux, it is necessary install media/repositories. Then you can install the software by text-mode or by graphics-mode, as shown in the step-by-step guide that follows.

See too:

Image 1: Quick to install and remove software (click on image to enlarge)

Accessing MCC

  • A) After installing and configuring the media / software repositories, you can install additional programs (also called packages or software) on Mageia. This requires you to access the Mageia Control Center - MCC - which you can do in the following ways:
  • B) Through existing icon "application launcher menu" in the lower left corner of the screen accessed by accessing "Tools", "System Tools" and "Configure your Computer";
  • C) panel at the bottom of the computer screen, the icon "configure your computer";
  • D) on the desktop, the icon "configure your computer" (Image 1):
  • E) Clicking on the icon will open a query window, requesting the root (administrator) password to access the MCC (Image 2):

Image 2: Requesting the root password

  • F) After entering the password, open the MCC tab "Software Management", where you click on "Install and Remove Programs" (Picture 3) to access the Software Manager.

Image 3: Accessing the Software Manager (click on image to enlarge)

Searching Applications with MCC's Software Manager

  • In the "Software Management" window, various options can be configured. Note the options listed in the highlights in yellow (Image 4):

Image 4: Options search filters software (click on image to enlarge)

  • Metapackages (Picture 4) are called "Task" (task) because they are "packages" that install large groups of packages (e.g. task-printing-hp installs all necessary software for HP printer). When selecting this option in the first column "metapackages" metapackages only appear in search results.
  • One option is to let the search filters below with software. In the first column (see), leaving " 'all", and in the second column (filter), leaving " 'all", and the option "search" leave "in the names" (Image 5):

Image 5: Options for search filtering (click on image to enlarge)

Install Applications with Software Management in MCC

  • After setting the search parameters, just select the packages for installation.
  • Example of software installation "Stellarium."
  • - After typing the name of the software in the "Search" field, press "enter" and the package will be listed and can be selected (Image 6):
  • - After selecting the package, a window opens stating which other packages (files / dependencies) must be installed and also indicating the additional space that will be used on your hard drive.
  • - When you click "OK" to return to the previous window, you will see software "Stellarium" selected for installation, indicating the space to be occupied in HD and the remaining space in HD (highlighted in red). To proceed, click "Apply" in the lower right corner of the window (Image 6):

Image 6: (click on image to enlarge)

  • When you click "Apply" you will see a "confirmation window", indicating all packages to be installed and the space to be occupied in HD and asking whether you want to continue. If you choose "yes", the software "Stellarium" will be installed and should provide an icon in the "Application Launcher Menu". If you decide not to install, simply select "No" (Image 7):

Image 7: (click on image to enlarge)

  • Window indicating the progress of the installation of packages to your HD (Image 8).

Image 8: (click on image to enlarge)

  • After installation is complete, the software can be accessed through the icons in the "Application Launcher Menu" (Image 9):

Image 9: (click on image to enlarge)

  • If you choose not to install the software, you can close the window or click "Quit" at the bottom right of the window. If you want to fetch and install new packages, it is recommended to go on the toolbar, select "File", and click in "Reset the selection". Then you can make another search, by typing a new word in "Find". (Image 10):

Image 10: (click on image to enlarge)

Removing software

  • To remove a software, simply deselect the software and choose "Apply" which will open a confirmation window to remove the packages.

Keeping your Mageia installation stable

  • WARNING! It is recommended that you install programs available in the Mageia official media/repositories, either through the MCC in graphics-mode or text-mode. It is not recommended to install packages obtained from other sources, they may compromise the stability of Mageia. If in doubt, go to Mageia Forum, where you can open a topic on the subject and request help.

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