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Joining Marcom

Marcom is now part of the Atelier Team. Go to the Atelier wiki portal to find out how to become part of the team.

Marcom IRC Meetings

  • Meetings are currently held on #mageia-atelier on alternate Wednesdays at 19:00 UTC. Please join us!

What's hot / Current work

Building a list of websites to publicise our releases

Hop over to the Sandbox and add to the list

Buiding the Mageia 2 Release texts

Deadline for these texts is 04/23/2012 - don't delay!

Go to the Sandbox and get started

Building a visual brand for Mageia

This means:

  1. finalising a colour palette - this is part of 2, the Mageia Style
  2. establishing a Mageia Style
    1. think about the writing Style Documents you've seen
    2. take a look at the Branding info
    3. extend the Style concept to cover everything Mageia that we see
      1. Distro
      2. Website
      3. documents
      4. posters
      5. banners
      6. everything!
    4. start putting it all together in the Mageia Style Document.

We'll be growing the Style Document in the Sandbox - check it out over there. Remember: we need to be visible, we need to be identifiable in the great distro maelstrom, and we need to express who we are as well as possible - so we need to be happy with our Style.

Ongoing stuff:

  • growing the marcom team - ongoing. We always need more people!
  • Chat - hang out and catch up, brainstorm and have meetings - each alternate Wednesday at 19:00 UTC, on the #mageia-atelier IRC channel. We also hang out at the Artwork_team meetings on the other alternate Wednesday.
  • Keep up discussions on the list
  • stay in touch!
  • Marketing_interviews
  • Mageia_Events_Box

Sandbox for developing Marketing/Comms ideas, texts and input

Post-mortem - post Mageia 1 release

What went well?

We got together the texts for the announcement, for the advertising screens, and for various and assorted parts of the Release Day website.

We started to get a good idea of what our community is and wants, and how we like to represent ourselves - and we started to close the gap between what people think Marketing is (horrible) and what it actually is (communicating who and what we are).

What went badly?

Marcomm could have done a lot more and a lot better, and in more timely fashion. For instance:

  • Our to-do list of hot tasks for release day was a bit late forming
  • We didn't have enough people to do all the tasks - without major input from rda, we would have been sunk!
  • We weren't working closely enough with other teams until almost the end of the release cycle.

What now?

Our first need is for more people, and to work closely with Artwork, Webteam and Devel in working out what needs to be communicated, to whom and about what.

Our equal first need is to get the Visual Brand sorted out, and work with Artwork and Webteam to get that implemented.

Our other equal first need is to develop and work to an action plan - not necessarily a Marketing Plan! - so that the Mageia community can grow the way we want it to.

Do we get any points?

We didn't blow anything up, and Mageia is getting pretty good press - but we could have done a heap better, so some points, but hopefully more next time!


You will find the list of people having initially registered

  • for Marketing here and
  • for Communication here.

And, of course, the MageiaBox:

Return to the Atelier team.