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Please subscribe to mageia-marketing list from now on and present yourself.

Below list is here for doc/archive purpose and may be removed.

  1. Adjamilton Júnior (rox) - ajunior at - help on various part for communication
  2. Adrian Marcinkowski (Amfidiusz) - amfidiusz(at) - help on organizing events in Central Europe
  3. Ahmad Samir (ahmad78) - ahmadsamir3891 AT gmail DOT com - proofreading
  4. Anne Nicolas (ennael) - ennael1 at - help on various part for communication
  5. Anssi Hannula (Anssi) - - proofreading
  6. Antão Luis (Coiter) - - Any comunication in brazilian portuguese language
  7. Bradley D. Thornton (tallship) - Communications and Public Relations, southwestern USA awareness/adoption programs. Event/conference presentations.
  8. Caroline Garlatti (Caro) - cgarlatti at - help on various part for communication
  9. Damien Lallement (damsweb/coincoin) - mageia [at] damsweb [dot] net - help on various part of communication (journalists, blogger) and on events
  10. Dementiev Alexander(AlexZander_D) - - Communications & PR in Russian Linux community, web-sites, blogs and individual users. Working with possible resellers in Russia. Trainings(if possible). And other communication works.
  11. Drakedalfa - drakedalfa - drakedalfa at - BLOGDRAKE - help on forums, event, news/newsletters
  12. Elodie (DjeZAeL) - djezael [at] gmail [dot] com - participate on events (Fr), printing flyers and docs
  13. Fabio Bronzini (spockwap) - - help on communication in Italy, press releases and events/docs in italian blogs, technical articles (translates from French/English), technical writing, slides
  14. Felix Martos - felix.martos AT gmail DOT com - BLOGDRAKE - Spain events, spanish-speaking communication
  15. Frédéric Cuif (fredxx) - fredux86 AT - help on various part for communication
  16. Hoyt Duff (wambu) hoytduff AT gmail DOT com - proofreading English (US, UK) press releases; advocate in Mid-Atlantic USA
  17. Janis Dreize (kurmucis) - - advocasy in Latvia
  18. Jean Michel Varvou (vouf) - jeanmichel dot varvou at gmail dot com - help on various part for communication - participate on events (Fr)
  19. Jean Peyratout (jean) - - help on French speaking communication (writing, proofreading…)
  20. Lucien-Henry Horvath (ladsy) - - help on forums, event, news/newsletters
  21. Marcello Anni (killer1987) - marcello.anni AT alice DOT it - help on forums, news/newsletters, various aspects of communication
  22. Marc Paré (MarcPare) - marc at marcpare dot com - help on forums and advocacy
  23. Marianne Lombard (Jehane) - Jehane at tuxette dot fr - participate/organizing stands on events (France)
  24. Matteo Pasotti (matteo) - matteo.pasotti at gmail dot com - help on various part for communication
  25. Olav Dahlum (olorin_) - odahlum at gmail dot com - try to rise awareness about Mageia in Norway, participate on events
  26. Olivier Méjean (goom) - omejean at - help on various part for communication | Mageia community magazine
  27. Patricia Fraser (trishf42) - trish at thefrasers dot org - help with events, planning, anything related to comms and marketing
  28. Paul Willard (TerminalAddict) paul(at) - everthing related to interent marketing and comms, plus I'm in a different timezone
  29. Romain d'Alverny (rda) - rdalverny at gmail dot com - help on various part for communication
  30. Rory Albertyn (Gripen) - nicodeamus(at) - Help with communication and events in South Africa
  31. Simran Gill (chakdefatte) - simrandeepgill AT gmail DOT com - Specifically for Asia and India- Help with communication strategies, Organizing various conferences, presentations, demos, Help with static media (print/press), dynamic media (TV, Radio, Internet), Live conferences, Promotional activities, Tie ups with various international technical companies working out of Asia.
  32. Sylvain Haye (sylvouille) - arsyl AT netcourrier DOT com - Help with communication and events in France, take pictures of the events
  33. Thomas Lottmann - skiperdrake AT gmail DOT com - participating/organizing stands on events (Europe) (when available), help on various parts of communication, designing and printing flyers, docs or brochures.
  34. Wolfgang Bornath (wobo) - - German events, communication with German media (net & print)
  35. Yann Kacenelen (godzyann) - godzyann at neuf dot fr - designs of all kinds (flyers, brochures) + writing news/announcements + FR proofreading + help on events organization/presentations (southern parisian area)
  36. Yvan Munoz (muny) - - one Toulouse (fr) local help, relay