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We need a first, small, limited events box to help keep together tools for each event.

See the Events HowTo as well.

How does the box look like?

TODO, picture

What's in the box?

Box contents can be donated, directly, or through

  • contents checklist including inventory (for CDs/stickers/goodies) and state of tablecloths (washed/not washed).
  • cash box
  • a pen and a notebook


  • big posters with Mageia logo - we have some
  • kakemono - we have one (and can get extra banners if wanted); posters fit in kakemono case


  • CD, DVD - we have some discs left for Mageia 1, we need a solution for Mageia 2


  • tshirts - we have some left from FOSDEM 2011 - we need an inventory and new series
  • stationery (stickers, contact list, flyers, contact cards/business cards, blank pre-printed CDs (to burn on the stand), CD sleeves) - we have some left - we need new ones - for booth and to distribute to attendees when one speaks at a conference

Where is the box?

Current location of the box

Current goodies around Europe

Country city Tshirts stickers flyers USB Keys pens Tablecloth kakemono others
France Lyon 16 x S 25 x M

23 x L XL x 1 XXL x 3 ladies - S x 5 - M x 13 - L x 5 - 3 x XL

18 USB key 66 Pens 1 tablecloth 1 kakemono

Next, planned locations

  • Campus du Libre - 10 november 2018 - Lyon France
  • Capitole du Libre - 17-18 november 2018 - Toulouse France
  • Paris Open Source Summit - 5-6 december 2018 - Paris France -
  • JM2L - 15 december 2018 - Sophia-antipolis - France

Base locations

Ideally, two locations, in France or in its direct periphery. Events that we will attend with this box are among: FOSDEM, LinuxTag, Solutions Linux, RMLL, OWF, JDLL, ORR, what others in Europe?

Transportation costs

Use these max limits to estimate roughly the cost:

  • weight: 10 kg
  • dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm
  • declared value: 3000 €
  • cities: Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Berlin, Bruxelles, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Lisbon

Indicative average max prices (UPS -

  • Paris -> {Brussel,Berlin}, ~300 €
  • Nantes -> Paris, ~100 € (about the same intra France?)

The actual cost may be less (the box may be lighter, smaller) or more (change in transportation fees).

Asking for the box

Wanted home candidates (multiple is better):

  • Nantes, FR: rda
  • Paris, FR: baud (Versailles, for SL, RMLL, PremierSamedi])
  • Berlin, DE: ?
  • Brussel, BE: ?
  • Lyon
  • other?

Grow the box!

Here are other stuff good to have in the box.

The whole package (box + contents) must not exceed 10 kg and must keep 55 x 35 x 25 cm (easier for someone to travel with it).

  • BOX itself (wish, no model/size decided) a box to fit all this, that can be handled by a single person, that has wheels and handles. Suggest medium (20kg, international roll-on size or a little larger) suitcase with at least one zipper poclet on the outside (for padlock &c during shipping).
  • (wish) event schedule and howto (in this very wiki at least; a print copy is good too)
  • (wish) two large pieces of cloth: one white, one black. (see tablecloths in showcase. Black may be redundant...)
  • (wish) cables? RJ45, video, USB, multi powerplugs, type
  • (wish) small medikit, scissors, thread
  • (wish) velcro dots (both hook and fuzz), with adhesive back, two types (standard and strong)
  • (wish) good-quality packaging tape in tape-gun
  • (wish) good brass padlock to lock suitcase when travelling with someone
  • (wish) cycle lock (click-together type with coated cable or chain) to lock Events Box to racks on trains - prevent theft of Box

Showcase stuff:

  • (must have) - 2 tablecloths for exhibition tables, white with mageia logo placed to be at front of table, sized for 2 180cm long x 90cm wide x 80cm high tables (so, (2*180)+(2*80) long and 90+(2*80) wide.) Mageia logo can be on vinyl like banner and poster, and be fixed with double-sided tape or velcro, or can be printed onto the cloth.
  • (wish) perspex or portable/foldable metal display stands for leaflets/brochures/cds. Metal will stand on floor beside tables, perspex on table (so metal might work better).
  • (wish, no model decided, price tag max 300 €) dedicated projector
  • (wish, no model decided, price tag max 200 € each) 2 dedicated laptops or small boxes (cubox, other?): one for projection, the other one for direct manipulation
    • one potential candidate, white ASRock Ion330 + keyboard + mouse and cables (second hand, ~150 € worth, rda)
  • for projection:
    • (wish) simple slides calling for contributors, with specific & easy tasks,
    • (wish) project presentation, demonstrating the product,
    • (wish) give immediate contact hooks (Web, IRC, Twitter, other events)
    • (wish) display a small twitter wall of the current event


  • (wish) a system to dump a Mageia system image to USB key or portable HD
  • (wish) mageia-logo USB sticks
  • (idea) one of the computer is used either as a Wi-Fi access point (advertised as "Get Mageia") or as a station in the local network, and advertises shared directories (FTP, Samba) containing Mageia ISOs

  • interactive, live access to forums, IRC channels and other info source about the project
    • Maybe a projector connected to a laptop? Maybe more than one? Forums, wiki, an event-central IRC channel? I think a projector displaying a live feed of #mageia-social would be a good place to start. --max 19:56, 16 July 2012 (UTC)
  • computers/projectors showcasing the OS: laptops, tablets, projectors

Other projects events boxes

Other ideas of goodies

Documents to promote Mageia