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We will roll several interview series on the blog(s), under "They make Mageia"; we showcase people making things, with the bottom lines:

  • what can Mageia bring to you?
  • what can you bring Mageia to?
  • what is it like, joining the project?

We have:

  • technical series (who makes what technical stack available, prospectives), aimed primarily to a technical audience (developers, hackers, sysadmins)
  • org series (who organizes what, how does the project work, in which direction)
  • User stories
  •  ?

In all cases, the angle of view should be: what is available, what one can do with that (as opposed to only a "what features are in")

A nice pace to have would be, one post a week (separated from announcements, so likely on Thursdays/Fridays)


Needed: photograph(s), good quality, smiling/natural, large enough so we can make a large focus with it

Be careful to:

  • provide pointers; as much as possible, point to quite accessible resources; for instance, point to a Wikipedia article describing a technology, rather than to the related main project website (ie, instead of;
  • explain acronyms (in footnotes, not to clutter too much);
  • use easy examples or advanced ones, but warn of the level?
  • think i18n; translators should have some help to localize/find localized resources
  • this may be very technical, and that's okay, but think of letting some clues to non-expert readers


  • who are you? where do you live? what do you do for a living?
  • how/where do you contribute to Mageia? what else do you contribute to? why?
  • so, what's special about {what you do/stack} in Mageia? what can one do with it? what's available?
  • specific uses, concrete examples
  • general overview, components
  • pointers to online resources/books/events
  • anything
  • what would you love to see added/happening in Mageia? (what needs)
  • free speech


  • send the questions to the person - notify who is take care of who
  • gather answers, pics - suggest small improvements/edits if needed
  • prepare the post, review & proofread - notify the team
  • publish

Stacks to consider

Pending topics/people:

  • Python (misc)
  • Ruby (shikamaru)
  • KDE (solid, phonon, kephal, plasma) (mikala)
  • ARM (rtp)
  • c/kernel/low-level (tmb ?)
  • packaging tools/help (jq for mgarepo? other?)
  • SQL stuff ( nanardon ?)
  • Java (dmorgan)
  • PHP (Thomas Spuhler/Orovalley)

Queued for review/wrapup:

  • mikala (KDE?) /by ennael
  •  ?

Done so far:

Topics with no identified interviewee

  • Javascript (?)
  • lua (?)
  • NoSQL stuff (?) (have it separately or joined with SQL ?)
  • Async stuff (?)
  • system tools (mcc, urpmi, other) (?)
  • hardware tools (?)
  • sysadmin tools (?)
  • audio ( we have some people interested in it ) -> look for Frank Kober
  • graphics/UI engines/stacks (?)
  • gnome (?) ( cause kde is there )
  • virtualization, cloud (?)
  • network booting/install/diskless systems (?)
  • others?