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Register here for Marketing team: Help create the face Mageia shows to the world, interact with stakeholders, with Media and the world at large. Be part of the team that shapes the Mageia message. This Marketing team needs Marketers, Graphic Artists, Communicators, Writers and Project Managers.

We are at a seminal point in the life of a new distro with unique challenges and opportunities. In the usual course of events, simply because of the normal way a community distribution is created, Marketing is often the last team to come on board, when often it is too late. Mageia has the opportunity to become the premiere Community Driven Distribution, the Mageia Marketing team will have the opportunity to be at the heart of that.

If you're prepared to work, to slave only for a small sliver of glory, a pat on the back from your peers and, when Mageia achieves World DominationTM, the ability to say: "I was there at the beginning."..... Then Join Us, it all starts NOW!  :)

Of course, it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun too!  :D

Use following template to register:

  • <name> (<nickname>) - <mail address> - <what you can do for team>

__Please insert your name in alphabetic order.__

  1. Adjamilton Júnior (ajunior) - ajunior [at] brasifort [dot] com [dot] br - strategies for latin america, training...
  2. André Barbosa (andre) - andredaflauta [at] gmail [dot] com - I can help in general, I can help with marketing and communication in Portugal.
  3. Bradley D. Thornton (tallship) - Mageia [at] NorthTech [dot] US - Project Management, advocacy, writing. Speaking engagements for training, Mageia product (and internals) presentations, and education. Adoption strategies for USA.
  4. Céline Harrand (Leeloo) - celine.harrand [at] gmail [dot] com - I can help with mageia communication in general (press releases, events, etc.)
  5. Chris Leary (chrisleary) - chrisantleary [at] gmail [dot] com - Surrey, UK based Communications/PR/Editorial in the third sector (currently for a trade union) with experience in copywriting, subbing, advertising, media enquiries, and suchlike. Can use GIMP (intermediate) and Scribus (advanced). Currently studying Advertising at University.
  6. Dementiev Alexander (AlexZander_D) - dementiev.alexander [at] gmail [dot] com - Marketing and events in Russia, working with software resellers(wholesale and retail).
  7. Edward Janusz (eggdog) - dogsofsunshine [at] comcast [dot] net - Writing: magazine, newsletters, advocacy. I have mediocre technical knowledge but fairly good word skills. Give me a topic and I'll try to scribble something helpful.
  8. Elodie (DjeZAeL) - djezael [at] gmail [dot] com - Can promote projects on events, write news, manage projects/events in France.
  9. Eric van Westerlaak (Ayobayo) - ayobayo [at] gmail [dot] com - marketing, project management
  10. Fabio Bronzini (spockwap) - fabio.bronzini [at] email [dot] it - press-web communicates (translation from French / English to Italian), italian IT freelance writer (press-magazines and web portals), help in Italian language
  11. Gamaliel Lamboy (glamboyr) - gamalamboy [at] gmail [dot] com - advocacy, writing
  12. Graham Lauder (yorick) - yorick_ [at] openoffice [dot] org - Strategies, demographics, art work, advocacy, training and Education
  13. Italo Ramirez (Guala) gualadrake [at] gmail [dot] com - Graphic design whit Inkscape & Gimp (hobby) and a basic understanding of scribus.
  14. Jared Steer (Vetinari/Jalbindi (IRC)) - j.s.steer [at] gmail [dot] com - advocacy, marketing (UK), press releases, writing, community magazine, anything behind the scenes really that needs doing.
  15. Marc Paré (marcpare) - marc [at] marcpare [dot] com - marketing (Canada) and advocacy
  16. Marcello Anni (killer1987) - marcello.anni [at] alice [dot] it - marketing, project manager, promotion strategies
  17. Marco Favetta (marco) - - Marketing, Project Manager, Promotion (organization events) & Communication Strategies (press release and community magazine), Budget Analysis and Distribution Strategies (Cooperation & Sustainable Development)
  18. Marilù Di Mauro (marilu) - - Marketing, Project Manager, Promotion (organization events &Communication Strategies (press release and community magazine), Budget Analysis and Distribution Strategies (Cooperation & Sustainable Development)
  19. Marita K-L (tumbeliina)# tumbeliina [at] yahoo [dot] com - seriprinting marketing
  20. Martin Lee ( hellnest ) - hellnest.fuah [at] gmail [dot] com - freelancer marketing, Marketing Manager
  21. Nilson Morales (uno7428) - kaswasa [at] gmail [dot] com - freelancer marketing, installation, support in Spanish
  22. Olivier Méjean (omejean) - omejean [at] yahoo [dot] fr - just want to help ! Mageia community magazine
  23. Patricia Fraser (trishf42) - trish [at] thefrasers [dot] org - strategies, advocacy, training, writing
  24. Patrick Paul (ppaul) - paulpatrick [at] gmail [dot] com - project management.
  25. Rory Albertyn (Gripen) - nicodeamus [at] gmail [dot] com - project management, risk assessment, marketing, strategies for Southern Africa
  26. Sadiq Saif (staticsafe) - sadiq.9541 [at] gmail [dot] com - Marketing in Toronto, Ontario to the teen demographic
  27. Shashank Sondhi (Dreamtrip) - sds81 [at] live [dot] in - Freelance writer on associated content, erst sales and marketing executive and linux distromaniac.
  28. Simran Gill (chakdefatte) - simrandeepgill [at] gmail [dot] com - marketing strategies and Awareness campaigns, Training Provider, Hold Annual or quarterly Mageia Community Conferences (No financial help needed), Marketing resources (Specifically experienced in Asia), Will work on my own finances..
  29. Thomas Canniot (MrTom) - thomas.canniot [at] mrtomlinux [dot] org - want to try Mageia Weekly News
  30. Yvan Munoz (muny) - mr.yvan.munoz [at] gmail [dot] com - Mageia Magazine writer, advocacy, local relay, Libre softwares in general, Articles and papers for externals commercials mags.