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Help, many screenshots are still missing for localised versions of our user manuals. Please upload some missing screenshots for your language somewhere, and send a link to them to the doc-discuss mailing list (after becoming a member of that list).

Script to find the missing screenshots

Please get a file with the missing screenshots for your language, using this script and make it executable with the command chmod +x ./ .
Execute the script in the folder where it is downloaded:

[user@computer ~]$ ./ xy
[user@computer ~]$ _

where xy stands for the language code (list here). e.g.:./ sv for Swedish and ./ pt_br for Brazilian Portuguese.

The script should result in two files, one for MCC and one for installer help, like those for French, placed in the same folder than the script:

If a localised screenshot has a different name than the same one in English, the screenshot will be listed both as missing (for the English file name) and as not existing in English, like this:
NOT_IN_ENGLISH:$1/installer/content/images/dx2-selectinstallClass.png ( -> may be an error in the localised screen-shot filename --> Yes (--marja 11:04, 24 February 2015 (UTC)), but if the screenshot is there it is no problem, it means the same error exists in the link to the screenshot).

You have also a report in the console:
">" means the screenshot is present in the English images directory on, but not in the chosen language.
"<" means the screenshot is *not* present in the English directory, while it is in the chosen language. (useful to detect typos errors in the filenames)

The script only works correctly if no English screenshots were uploaded to the directory for your language in Calenco (Calenco is where we create our documentation), but only screenshots in the localised version.

Please note!
not all those languages exist for different manuals!

Please note!
the script does not work for pt, but only for Brazilian, pt-PT is a copy of pt-BR

Publications with screenshots missing

Some already translated helps are published, to help to work on:

PDF format

epub format

Doing screen-shots

If possible, then please take the screenshots in cauldron, without window decoration and take the MCC ones in a MCC that has never been resized. The default size of MCC (without window decoration) is 800 x 600 px.
Most installer screenshots can be taken by pressing F2 during install. They can be found after reboot in /root/DrakX-screenshots/ . It is recommend to use PNG (Portable Network Graphics) as fileformat for the screenshots.

Please note!

If you want to compress the screenshots, some suggestions on how to best do that were done in this thread on dev ml

Compression can make the pdf publication fail, so don't throw the uncompressed original images away before the compressed ones have proven to work well in the pdf. Please do not make the background transparent, because that certainly gave problems with pdf publications.

Temporarily use the English screenshots for the working copy of the webhelp (help in html format)

It is possible to temporarily use the English screenshots instead of missing localised ones, for the non-compressed webhelp/html publications in the non-English language code directories that you see in this list.

Someone with ssh access to can do that by going to the public_html directory and running: ./use_en_screenshots

After doing that, it is still possible to get the list of missing screenshots for any language with the script to find missing screenshots.

The English screenshots will be removed every time an html/webhelp publication is regenerated. So the command will need to be redone, then.