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Packagers organization

The packaging team consists of all the people working on the development and packaging of rpm files for our distribution. This page is intended for those who want to get in touch with the packaging or join the packaging team.

How to contact or join the team

Joining the packaging team

Everybody interested in becoming an official packager for Mageia will have to go through a mentoring process in order to get this account. Of course the intensity and the time needed for this mentoring process will for a large part depend on your technical experience (both with rpm packaging and the build system used in Mageia). For people who are already packagers in other projects this means that they can have a full packagers account quite quickly. Read more on the Becoming a Mageia Packager page.


Status page

  • The Pending packages page has information on work that is currently being done. Please include your work and check before doing any new major work to avoid duplication


  • development and packaging channel: #mageia-dev on Freenode server
  • mentoring channel dedicated to beginners: #mageia-mentoring on Freenode server


  • discussions about packaging and developments
  • bugzilla mails on all submitted bugs
  • all new releases of packages submitted
  • all commits on the Mageia subversion (svn) repository

You can subscribe via (see the mailing lists page for details).


The packaging team has weekly meetings to speak about global organization, upcoming releases, priorities, interactions with other teams, new packagers, etc.


  • when: every wednesday at 19:00 UTC / 21:00 CEST
  • where: on #mageia-dev on the Freenode IRC-network
  • how long: less than 1h (preferably 1/2h) with the exception of the last wednesday of each month where we will have a more extensive one.


Being successful in mentoring will be a priority so that we can rapidly expand the total number of packagers on the team, while at the same time, maintaining a superior level of quality in Mageia. All first packagers will be proposed to mentor new packagers.

Process will have to be finalized to help mentors and make their life easier in all that process:

  • Mageia documentation
  • RPM packaging training
  • build system training
  • send all trainee commits to his mentor

See wiki page of Mentoring team


We will start from Mandriva Linux policies to avoid reinventing wheel and clean them if needed.

For a full list of all policies, see Category:Policies.

Useful links for Packagers