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This page provides a collections of packager / packaging-related links to help packagers and to embrace collaboration between distributions. Please feel free to add other resources which you think might be helpful. Mageia Bug tracking system Status of Mageia's build system Package analysis for Mageia version comparison of Mageia Cauldron packages against Debian, Fedora, Gentoo and Mandriva Web access to Mageia's svn Mageia App Db

ROSA ROSA bugtracker ROSA VCS for project foobar, patches and spec ROSA wiki

Debian Debian patch tracking system for package foobar, only patches Debian Bugtracker Debian VCS Debian VCS Debian package search Debian security information
irc:// Debian developer IRC channel

Fedora / Redhat Fedora VCS for project foobar, patches and spec Fedora/Redhat Bugtracker Fedora security/updates information
irc:// Fedora developer IRC channel

Gentoo Gentoo VCS Gentoo package tracker Gentoo bugtracker Gentoo security information
irc:// Gentoo developer IRC channel, requires voice (+v)

OpenSuse OpenSUSE VCS/package information OpenSUSE/Novell bugtracker OpenSUSE update information OpenSUSE security announce archives OpenSUSE/Novell security informations
irc:// OpenSUSE buildservice IRC channel
irc:// OpenSUSE development version IRC channel

Ubuntu Ubuntu/Launchpad bugtracker Ubuntu information page / VCS for package foobar

Other Useful Resources

mib-report (tool from MIB) compares package versions from Mandriva, MIB, EduMandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, PCLOS, Gentoo, Mageia, Fedora and ALT Linux, sources available at

src.rpm available at Comparion/update report between Mageia, Mandriva and latest version, done by Pulfer from MIB, updated ~ twice a week RPM source packages from various distributions Mageia App Db A more complete version comparison than Useful links to help track upstream projects