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List of Policies

Policy Original URL Status Reviewer Proofreader
Alternatives policy [1] NS
Bug Policy [2] Done Ahmad Samir
Charset [3] NS
DKMS Packaging Policy [4] Done Daniel Kreuter Leandro Dorileo
Drakxtools Policy [5] Needs Proofreading Daniel Kreuter
Fonts Policy [6] Needs Proofreading Daniel Kreuter
Freeze Policy [7] NS
Haskell Packaging Policy [8] WIP Brian Bailey
Hunspell-dictionary Policy
Initscripts Policy [9] Needs Proofreading Daniel Kreuter
Java Packaging Policy [10] / [11] discussed in the ML Daniel Kreuter
KDE4 Policy [12] Needs Proofreading Daniel Kreuter
Kernel Patches [13] Needs Proofreading Leandro Dorileo
Library policy [14] WIP Rémy Clouard
Libtool Archives Policy [15] NS
Licensing policy [16] Needs Proofreading Rémy Clouard
Localisation policy [17] Needs Proofreading Daniel Kreuter
LSB Packaging [18] WIP Brian Bailey
Maintainers Policy [19] / [20] WIP Brian Bailey
Mirrors Policy [21] / [22]/ [23] Done Thomas Backlund
Multiarch Policy [24] NS
OCaml Packaging Policy [25] WIP Brian Bailey
Packaging for beginners Needs reviewing
Packaging hints Needs reviewing
Perl Packaging Policy [26] Done Rémy Clouard Jérôme Quelin
Post-Release Support Policy [27] NS
Preversions [28] NS
Python Packaging Policy [29] Needs Proofreading PhilippeM, Htgoebel Htgoebel
(Repository System) [30] Some parts should be imported (eg: commit messages)
RPM Groups [31] Done Rémy Clouard
RPM SPEC file Syntax [32] Discussed in ML Rémy Clouard
Ruby Packaging Policy [33] discussed in the ml Rémy Clouard
SSL Certificates [34] NS
TCL Packaging Policy [35] NS
Versioning Scheme [36] NS
Web Applications Policy [37] discussed in the ml Daniel Kreuter
XDG menu system policy [38] NS
Xorg Policy [39] NS
RPM Howto [40] Is tutorial/howto, not a policy

How To review policies

  1. Take a policy in the list
  2. Add your name on the table in the row of this policy
  3. Take your time to review it
    • Import it in the wiki, unless you think the page should be dropped
    • In case you don’t know if something could be pasted verbatim say so by putting a bold text in front of it
    • If the page you want to import does not specify a particular license, or use a license that’s incompatible with ours, you should create that page with a mention at the end of the page, saying which license is used on this page.
      • Example:This page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License
  4. Mail the mageia-dev ml, for either proofreading or dropping the page
  5. Until a process is defined for changing them, you can discuss these matters on the mailing-list (open a dedicated thread for that)