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Here is the first beta of Mageia 4 (released on Nov. 14th). This is beta software. This means, it is NOT:

  • for daily use,
  • for any kind of productive use,
  • for writing any kinds of reviews.

It is a testing release for finding bugs, to look out for important missing packages, a platform for further development leading to the beta stage and finally our first official release planned in February 2014. More info about Mageia 4 Development.

Download it

You can download it by selecting your mirror from and going into iso/cauldron or from directly (easiest way).

Classical installer

  • 2 DVDs 32 and 64 bits
    • Mageia-4-beta1-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: c659504f97d23a61ea346f0b4aecb5e3
      • sha1: c29ad967929d62f15973c4d3609a727c13878f77
    • Mageia-4-beta1-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: 4cdbf34df22e20bdebd5f13e265a4771
      • sha1: a6896e2c478b852dbc90e2ca271daba8732f966f


  • 2 Live CDs 32bits only in English
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveCD-GNOME-en-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: e3ecd710ea104d15cf939c505a9ca494
      • sha1: eb85e67e493f98ef994281c6f3cda49432bfb126
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveCD-KDE4-en-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 658fdf7bfb6fd5942c7be061106ae6ce
      • sha1: 6a72b5564945e8a97c7a5ce9ada67cbeda8ef6d0
  • 4 LiveDVDs (32 and 64bits) multilingual
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveDVD-GNOME-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 8542fa1e21f83462665b1f2c17e1aab7
      • sha1: 44b4597b89638264765b3099b4470d8f524f473e
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveDVD-KDE4-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 34b64c7f0dec53c99afc775018577220
      • sha1: 3e29ec69da884b1271969342f3bf3a77b911990f
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveDVD-GNOME-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: ca03afa6e42e75cfea7ea56c30c0498c
      • sha1: 838742574dd280971016c41c9f0f9443f259cc7e
    • Mageia-4-beta1-LiveDVD-KDE4-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: 4ba32ef6e235e0ecfc454fd6bc7185c0
      • sha1: c59c4c1b98d38ff0aee81e04e191fd72e2deea99

Major new features


  • Stage 1
    • Stage1 has been converted from a custom initrd image to a dracut generated one
    • Stage1 is now dynamically linked
    • when building, a BOOT_AUTOMATIC_METHOD env variable enables to alter default boot options for easier debugging
  • Stage 2
    • Work was done on RAID management during installation. This was quite buggy in previous releases and should now be usable at last.
    • GDM is no more automatically used for XFCE
    • logs now explain why updates are not offered when that happens
    • open-vm-tools are automatically installed on VMware hypervisor
    • network interfaces are renamed by udev during installation too
    • default entry is read & written back for Grub2

Package management

RPM has been upgraded to 4.11.0. Urpmi has a new option --deploops that enables to debug circular dependencies.


Tools were ported from usermode to polkit for authentication.

On first boot, finish-install will no longer remove radeon-firmware or any network related firmwares as we don't know when some hw gets plugged that needs it.

Hardware detection has seen fixes: - a couple WiFi cards were misdetected - RAID devices are better handled

Drakboot now write and read back the default entry when using Grub2.

Various bug fixes were done:

  • LDAP configuration (bug #10005),
  • firewall configuration not being applied (bug #9941)

Base system


  • syslinux has been updated to 6.02. This allows to get rid of very old patches and then use upstream version.


  • Mageia 4 Beta 1 ships with kernel 3.12.0



  • Mageia 4 Beta 1 still comes with GRUB as a default. But we also provide GRUB2.


  • Perl has been upgraded to 5.18.1

Network interfaces naming scheme

  • Mageia has switched to the network interface naming scheme available in systemd v197+ to ensure they are predictable. A lot of bugs have been fixed to improve integration. We are looking for any feedback that could help to improve more if needed.

Graphical environments


MageiaWelcome is now proposed as a default when opening a session in graphical environments. The main goal is to help new comers on Mageia but also give some information about the community and the project.

X Window System (X11)

The server has been updated from 1.3 to 1.4.4.



GNOME environment is also provided. currently 3.10.1.





Mate is now inside the repositories.


Cinnamon is now inside the repositories.

Office apps



Software Development

  • Mono 3.2.1
  • Monodevelop 4.0.9
  • Gambas3 3.4.2

Artwork and design

New artwork is not yet integrated in this early stage of Mageia 4.

Known issues

See Errata page

Tests wanted!

If not done yet, you can confirm or invalidate the currently reported (by the QA or other people) bugs: (see here or here a biggest list )

Bug reporting

You can find our bugzilla here, but please read the Errata before reporting any bugs. If you don't already have a Mageia account, you can create one on If you don't know, see how to report a bug.