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hi, please can you use better page name for your translation ? Mageia_3_Errata_(mageia_official) or Mageia_3_Errata_(i18n) (two same pages ..) or [[1]] are very confusing Also maybe you should contact the Documentation_team for have official notes. --leuhmanu 10:27, 13 September 2012 (UTC)

  I changed the names of three files and Padula deleted the duplicate file.
  What do you think about these new names? Are these better?
  If you have any other suggestion to fix, I thank you for telling us.

  1. New file: Contribuindo pt BR
  2. To be deleted: Contribuindo_(Contributors)

  1. New file: Mageia_3_Errata pt BR
  2. To be deleted: Mageia_3_Errata_(mageia_official)
  3. To be deleted: Mageia 3 Errata (i18n) - (Padula) - duplicate file

  1. New file: Calenco Draktools pt BR
  2. To be deleted: Calenco_Draktools_(i18n)
 Thanks, Macxi. the names are OK.
 I have deleted all 4 "To be deleted" pages