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What is a test day?

A test day is a short period (about a day) dedicated to a particular test suite.

Theme, process, help: everything is listed on this page, so… It's easy to help! Even if you come along after the test day, you can still do the testing and report anything you find on Bugzilla.

Enough talk, now time to work  ;-)

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Join the party

We want YOU! Come on and help us improve Mageia by following the process below! For any kind of help, you can join a lot of developers and testers on

IRC: #mageia-dev or #mageia-qa on freenode
ML: mageia-dev or mageia-discuss

Prerequisite Hardware

  • an x86 computer
  • a disk drive with at least 6GB of free space if you want to play with virtual machines or install a lot of packages
  • a few peripherals like
    • wifi dongle/internal
    • printer
    • scanner
    • webcam
  • an internet connection, DSL/cable connection is better


  • a Mageia Beta 1
  • virtualisation software like VirtualBox if you don't want or can't install it on a physical computer
  • a local mirror (up to date) will be better (just better, not mandatory)

What to test

from April, 11th to April, 12d
  • upgrade from Mandriva 2010.x to Mageia Beta 1
  • Mageia Beta 1 installer (installer and HW detection)
  • Proprietary drivers from non-free repository

How to test

from Apr, 11th to Apr, 12d

How to report a bug

You need help on bug reporting? See the page about Bugzilla, our bug tracker. Our Bugzilla is at