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The web team is in charge of developing, maintaining Mageia Web apps, in coordination with sysadmins, communication & marketing and artwork teams.

Contact/join us!

We sometimes hold meetings on #mageia-atelier ; archives are here: log and summary archives).

Current apps & sites

See Atelier_Current_apps_&_sites for current version.

Get a view of current bugs and issues:
Mageia web team bug list.

Homogeneisation of current apps & sites: status

See Atelier_Current_apps_&_sites for current version.

Particular WWW pages status

See Atelier_Current_apps_&_sites for current version.


To refine, select, prioritize:

  • look into the possibility of adapting this Firefox addon for Mageia's bugzilla, for the benefit of the triage team
  • monitoring script on future stable wiki to notice page updates for translations (for all locales)
  • regular faq or kb ? phpmyfaq ?
  • questions & answers (kb) : shapado for a kb or similar?
  • ideas box: on Drupal
  • Users/groups pages (sort of a social network layer - elgg? custom quick ldap extract?)
  • package request/management web app?
  • different servers; one for static resources, optimized for trafic/caching
  • staging/testing/prod servers & review & release process

Team peers & roles

See for reference on how to become a peer (TODO: port this doc as a draft policy).

  • Buchan Milne (blingme): catdap
  • Damien Lallement (damsweb/coincoin): infra, blog, planet, website
  • Kosmas Chatzimichalis (kosmas): maint-db
  • Oliver Burger (obgr): team deputy leader; wiki
  • Olivier Thauvin (nanar): epoll
  • Pascal Villarem (maât): forum
  • Raphaël Jadot (ash): forum
  • Romain d'Alverny (rda, rdalverny): team contact, intermediary leader & representative + various stuff
  • Samuel Verschelde (stormi): mageia-app-db
  • Toni Korpela (TMKCodes): secretary


  • name (mentor name)
  • Filip Komar (rda I guess but afaik we never formalize it): i18n on website, some new pages and other small fixes


Our current apps mostly rely on plain PHP & Perl, Symfony (PHP), Catalyst (Perl), Rails (ruby), WordPress and the usual HTML/CSS/Javascript stacks.

Unless specified in a given project, code is hosted on .


Mageia 1 release post-mortem

What went well

  • website was ready on time
  • forum here in time (although some delays and config issues on German forum)

What didn't

  • new wiki not ready (too many tasks on too few people)
  • mageia-app-db not ready (but was not a requirement for Mageia 1)
  • maintdb not there; no news/progress with maintdb in time - pterjan should be looking at it
  • dashboard not ready yet, work in progress

What to do now

  • more contributors needed in the team, to take in charge parts of existing apps and/or full new apps (rda, 13:50:03)
  • coming priorities, things to discuss for the near, and not-so-near future (rda, 14:06:42)
  • forums chart/rules could be reused from the work done for mdv forums (ash) (rda, 13:54:17)
  • priorities are:
  • new wiki (obgr, boklm),
  • maintainers db,
  • app db (stormi),
  • website (nav and cms solution and undertaking) (rda)
  • webteam really needs more people. cupcake (or other) party to plan for that. (rda, 14:45:11)


Pending points:

  • decide on policies
  • decide on preferred scm (git/svn)
  • list all projects in run and rank by priorities
  • have a restricted mailing-list for security issues? (see with sysadm, security teams, share something?)
  • relations with sysadm, blog team, designers, forums to be described
  • address specific needs of translators and communication teams, decline marketing in existing infrastructure
  • answers to Users Community team requirements (localized teams have their own infrastructure or use our own), how do we follow local initiatives? (interoperability, promotion of new tools, merging in main infrastructure when mature?)