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Current apps & sites

Get a view of current bugs and issues:
Mageia web team bug list.

Homogeneisation of current apps & sites: status

app or site description/role documentation source translation alignment navbar navbar translation
www Main landing site draft doc, doc www yes mixed center and left
(see next table)
yes (not all: see
next table)
mognase Navigation/navbar included in our web sites mognase documentation nav yes both center and left are supported not applicable yes
blog Blogs documentation? source yes centered yes, but
left aligned
no (language choice in the page)
planet Syndicate blogs documentation? git yes (6 languages) centered no -
identity + trunk Users/contributors accounts doc identity yes left yes no
wiki Project docs repository doc mediawiki each language is in a separated wiki left / full width yes no (could be usefull to reach the EN one)
forums Forums doc forums no full width yes no
Mailing lists Mailing-lists documentation? sympa (unreachable right now)
bugzilla Bugs database documentation? bugzilla no full width yes no
treasurer treasurer/financial report documentation? git no left but should be consistent
with main site (centered)
yes yes
Mageia App Db (madb) Mageia App Db App-db documentation
DEPRECATED version doc
source not yet, site could be in the future.
Package descriptions is another matter.
left / full width until
approx 1480
partly -
meetbot meetbot: IRC meating notes documentation? source N/A N/A N/A N/A
mirrors List/manage/check mirrors documentation? mgamirrors
but it seem long w/o rebuild
no left no -
SVN Web view of SVN
(packages only)
documentation? source no (not needed) left / full width no -
Git Web view of GIT documentation? source no (not needed) full width no -
pkgsubmit Buildsystem current status documentation? pkgsubmit no (not needed) left yes no
check Some checks on packages documentation? source no (not needed) left no -
epoll Online voting documentation? source yes left no -
dashboard Not anymore Regular metrics report documentation? git no left no -
hugs Be nice. bug 1043 hugs no left no -
people Mageia tool to generate people pages. documentation? git no left yes -
perl Number of perl packages (but it seems stuck
somewhere in January 2014 as of April 2016)
documentation? source no left no -
advisories advisories documentation? git no left yes yes
www-test testing site (currently unused) documentation? source N/A N/A N/A N/A
releases api releases api documentation? git N/A N/A N/A N/A
fidd api FIDD (Format ISO Download Data) api about git N/A N/A N/A N/A

TODO: add a column to say if the page/app follows mga graphical charter

Particular WWW pages with TODO status

Those pages should use navbar and center alignment.

page TODO status translation alignment navbar navbar translation
graphic charter needs visual and content update no center no -
thank you page needs visual (css) fix no left (a bit odd) yes yes
2011 report and 2012 report both pages should be center aligned no left (navigation can be centered by adding bolded part to
// line in template and rebuild)
yes yes
2010 report page should be made translatable? no center yes yes
community page page frame too wide yes center yes yes
Mageia 1 is for you reuse this precious page currently on array i18n system
can be "upgraded" to gettext with
our tools and localisation can be reused.
center yes but left yes

Particular WWW pages with NOCHANGE status

Leave them as they are.

page NOCHANGE status translation alignment navbar navbar translation
2010-sept-annoucement leave them as they are as
monuments to that era.
Partly! center no -
Mageia 2 pages and
Mageia 3 pages
those releases are EOL yes left yes yes