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Translation of « how to write a wiki page »


I would need a translation on this page.

I created the title, « Como escrever uma página wiki-pt » but I don't know if it's correct, modify it if necessary.

If this is not possible, no problem.

Translation in progress

Hi ! Translation in progress macxi (talk)

There is a Portuguese banner. This allows for better classification of pages. If you want ?

Thanks, cmoifp

Faixa multilíngue-pt

Hi cmoifp!

Thanks for add the "Faixa multilíngue-pt"

I tried but I was not getting it. I was copying the wrong command. Now I know which one is correct.

Thanks for helping.

macxi (talk) 15:04, 28 April 2019 (UTC)

Pages titles.

Can you translate the page titles into your mother tongue when possible. Of course, except for the names of the tools? This will lead to redirects. Don't forget to suffix yours titles.

Good luck to you!