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Mageia scientific project

This SIG aims at improving the support of scientific programs in Mageia.

On this page we collect a list of scientific packages that can be imported in Mageia, or that are already in.

The project could grow as follows:

  • add missing scientific programs
  • group scientific programs in specialized meta-packages (such as math, chemical, physics, etc)
  • build one (or more) live cd -or improve draklive specs to make it buildable- to give to students and scientists.



  • malo - CS tools (theorem provers, Programming language research tools, machine learning)
  • grenoya - scientific calculus (scilab, octave), file format (hdf), librairies (suitesparce)


Already packaged

Project name Url description Mageia Maintainer Application domain Additional info
Scilab [[1]] A high-level language for numerical computations grenoya Scientific calculus
Octave [[2]] High-level language for numerical computations grenoya Scientific calculus GUI: qtoctave / same syntax as Matlab
Maxima [[3]] Maxima Symbolic Computation Program  ? Mathematics GUI: wxmaxima, maxima-gui
R [[4]] A language for data analysis and graphics lmenut Environmental sciences, Economy package name: R-base
Gnuplot [[5]] A program for plotting mathematical expressions and data Any
xaos [[6]] real-time fractal zoomer  ? Mathematics
grass [[7]] Geographic Resources Analysis Support System  ? Geology
hdf(4/5) [[8]]
Hierarchical Data Format Library

HDF5 library

grenoya Mostly Environnmental sciences ? package name: HDF


netcdf [[10]] Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF)  ? Mostly Environnmental sciences ?
ncview [[11]] Graphic for netCDF data file Mostly Environnmental sciences ? with fortran support
zygrib [[12]] Weather data visualization, GRIB file viewer grenoya Mostly Environnmental sciences ?
libblas [[13]] The BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library lmenut Scientific calculus
liblapack [[14]] LAPACK libraries for linear algebra lmenut Scientific calculus
Scipy (python 2.7 and python 3.x) [[15]] Scientific tools for Python philippem Scientific calculus package name: python-scipy python3-scipy
Numpy (python 2.7 and python 3.x) [[16]] A fast multidimensional array facility for Python philippem Scientific calculus package name: python-numpy python3-numpy
Matplotlib (python 2.7 and python 3.x) [[17]] Matlab-style 2D plotting package for Python philippem Scientific calculus package name: python-matplotlib python3-matplotlib
GMT [[18]] Scientific graphic tool with maps grenoya Geography, Environmental Sciences package name: gmt
gfortran [[19]] Fortran 95 support for gcc tmb Any support for f77/90/95

package name: gcc-gfortran

ScientificPython [[20]] Various Python modules for scientific computing philippem any package name: python-scientific)
openmpi [[21]] A powerful implementation of MPI eatdirt any
Scikits-Learn [[22]] Python modules for machine learning and data mining grenoya data analysis package name: python-scikits-learn
Eigen [[23]] Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra  ?/barjac any package name: eigen2/eigen3
MPICH [[24]] MPI implementation grenoya any package name: mpich2
Avogadro [[25]] An advanced molecular editor for chemical purposes shlomif chemistry
jmol [[26]] An open-source Java viewer for chemical structures in 3D dmorgan chemistry
plplot [[27]] A cross-platform software package for creating scientific plots eatdirt any
gnudl (gnu data language) [[28]] free interpretor for RSI-IDL codes eatdirt
mathomatic [[29]] General purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) akien CAS
SWI-Prolog [[30]] Prolog enviroment filipesaraiva Development

To be packaged

Project name Url description Additional info
Swift [[31]] Parallel code
Gadget-2 [[32]] Cosmology structure formation
Mesa [[33]] Mesa stellar evolution
AMuse [[34]] AMuse
Sagemath [[35]] mathematics software with Python-based interface exists in Mdv (asked in bug 1587)
sofastats [[36]] user-friendly, open-source statistics, analysis, and reporting package
pspp [[37]] statistical analysis of sampled data was last in Mdk 8 !! but still maintained upstream
g95 [[38]] fortran compiler exist in mdv
Ferret [[39]] An Analysis Tool for Gridded and Non-Gridded Data must be in non-free
GAP [[40]] A Tool for studying Group Theory
Macaulay2 [[41]] A Tool for studying Algebraic Geometry


  • skycat
  • xpa
  • starjava
  • starlink

Should try to package all of ESO scisoft for Mageia 4

  • scisoft-asciidata-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-boa-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-casa-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-cdsclient-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-cloudy-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-common-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-crush-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-daophot-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-dislin-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm - non-commericial only
  • scisoft-dpuser-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-eclipse-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-eye-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-fitscut-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-fitsverify-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-funtools-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm (fedora)
  • scisoft-gaia-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-gildas-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-graphviz-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-healpy-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-idllib-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-iraf-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-java-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-jpype-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-karma-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-libxm-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-matplotlib-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-midas-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-miriad-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-missfits-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-numarray-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-other-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-pcfitsio-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-plplot-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-pmw-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-pymidas-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-python-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-qfitsview-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-scamp-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-sextractor-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-skymaker-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-stiff-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-stscipython-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-stuff-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-swarp-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-theli-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm (scripts only. gui uses qt3)
  • scisoft-unixodbc-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-virgo-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-visivo-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-votools-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-wcslib-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm
  • scisoft-weightwatcher-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm</>
  • <s>scisoft-wxpython-7.7.0-0.i386.rpm

High energy physics


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