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Here you can find testing procedures for all the various packages we have to test separated down to their initial letter. eg. F for firefox etc.

It is hoped that we can slowly build up a library of procedures to cover everything we do so we have something to refer to when the need arises again.

You should find information such as the SRPM, what to look for and detailed information on what steps should be taken to install and test.

This will become a valuable resource and keeping it updated will make it simple for anybody, including you, to test the package in the future - so please don't forget. If you don't find one for the package you are testing then please add one, using this template! If there are things missing or outdated on the page, please update it.

If you copy the template to make a new page, please ensure you replace the word template in the category link [[Category:Testing_procedures|template]] at the bottom of the page by the name of the package. The new page will then show up in the right alphabetical place on the testing procedures page

For the sake of consistency please name new pages QA_procedure:Packagename
eg. QA_procedure:Firefox

When giving console commands they should be prefixed with either a $ or a # and use italics. A $ for a command given as a normal user and a # for commands which require root user. These relate to how the prompt is displayed in a terminal
eg. $ cat /etc/mageia-release or # urpmi.update -a

Preformatted text such as excerpts from a file or expected results from a command should be enclosed in <pre></pre> tags which place it in a text box.

like this

For more detailed help on using the wiki there is help available here

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