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Mageia Board

The Board is made of elected members by/among past council representatives and founders. Elections happen on each General Assembly.

See governance doc for more details.

Note that this is informative and for archival purpose. The list from LDAP records is available on this page.

Discussion list : Board-public Board-private

Subscription to the public list is open for all Mageia users, subscription to the private list is limited to board members. Only board members can post to the public list. To contact the board, you can send email to board<AT>

Current board (until 2018)

  • claire robinson (claire)
  • Anne Nicolas (ennael)
  • Dave Hodgins (davidwhodgins)
  • Rémi Verschelde (akien)
  • Samuel Verschelde (stormi)
  • Donald (schultz)
  • Claire Revillet (grenoya)
  • William Kenney (wilcal)

Previous board (2014-2016)

  • ennael (Anne Nicolas)
  • dams (Damien Lallement)
  • tmb (Thomas Backlund)
  • obgr_seneca (Oliver Burger)
  • trishf42 (Patricia Fraser)
  • MrsB (Claire Robinson)
  • Dave (Dave Hodgins)


Past boards

  • 2013-2014: ennael, dams, tmb, obgr_seneca, boklm, trishf42, MrsB
  • 2012-2013: ennael, dams, tmb, rda, obgr_seneca, boklm (elected after FOSDEM 2012 on 2012/03/17 election results and blog post)
  • 2011-2012 board: ennael, misc, dams, tmb, wobo, rda (elected at FOSDEM on 2011/02/06 election results, blog post)
  • founding board: ennael, rtp, dams