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This page is also available in german.

Here is the first alpha of Mageia 5 (released on Jul. 8th). This is alpha software. This means, it is NOT:

  • for daily use,
  • for any kind of productive use,
  • for writing any kinds of reviews.

It is a testing release for finding bugs, to look out for important missing packages, a platform for further development leading to the beta stage and finally our first official release planned in December 2014. More info about Mageia 5 Development.

Download it

You can download it by selecting your mirror from and going into iso/cauldron or from directly (easiest way).

Classical installer

  • 2 DVDs 32 and 64 bits
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 5e7c908a215023f85fa02348c41975f6
      • sha1: 3a6812c98d95961cc001f6ea2ee5e295cf9e6f87
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: 7a8600604ab63fc800c50d72de76c17d
      • sha1: 86807a65d7f49cc6ac35814eb643a4da5b5ec573
  • dual arch DVD: one single iso with both 32 and 64bits
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-dual-DVD.iso
      • md5: f53f82f353dc6ee3dfe4385ed45d7198
      • sha1: e2eedf09a7c7ef3a8c3c027bad5896b1a1ae6195


  • 2 Live CDs 32bits only in English
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-en-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: b1af3baac5bccb80ea9c175579f3f0ea
      • sha1: 31925dbaf168fb0bab6761dfb3b0441f1331facd
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-en-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: a5a245a230b0a4d968fafb3dffbd5545
      • sha1: 5cb902bd87b094311a56d61e7f4148e5fee98cea
  • 4 LiveDVDs (32 and 64bits) multilingual
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveDVD-GNOME-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 38cf905b386832c48b2314eca7b11a68
      • sha1: e7e07d210a8c8f764c21c90b32515005637a4920
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveDVD-KDE4-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 142b94e77605e8aebd8e5b4e2bc80875
      • sha1: b944a357499a43f8f979e21d4598ce3291fc6fac
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveDVD-GNOME-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: bb9b353e7f6b857aeab9f657861ebdd9
      • sha1: 9c0da5e562621271cab694dbe5535bdbc72bde77
    • Mageia-5-alpha1-LiveDVD-KDE4-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: cda14e5649856cc008383fd3ff19c4b6
      • sha1: 0d3baa94ec8949250b622dde7642db7e138a9564

Major new features


Package management

Base system


Alpha 1 comes with 3.15.2 kernel inside


Alpha 1 comes with 208-15 version


Alpha 1 comes with 5.20.0 version

Graphical environments


KDE 4.13.2 is now available in alpha 1.
Qt 4.8.6


GNOME environment is also provided. currently 3.13.3.




Mate Desktop 1.8.1 is available with Alpha 1


Office apps



Software Development

Artwork and design

New artwork is not yet integrated in this early stage of Mageia 5.

Known issues

See Errata page

Dropped packages

  • mail-notification
  • task-nagios

Tests wanted!

If not done yet, you can confirm or invalidate the currently reported (by the QA or other people) bugs: (see here )

Bug reporting

You can find our bugzilla here, but please read the Errata before reporting any bugs. If you don't already have a Mageia account, you can create one on If you don't know, see how to report a bug.