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Here is the first alpha of Mageia 3 (released on Sep. 7th). This is alpha software. This means, it is NOT:

  • for daily use,
  • for any kind of productive use,
  • for writing any kinds of reviews.

It is a testing release for finding bugs, to look out for important missing packages, a platform for further development leading to the beta stage and finally our first official release planned in March 2013. More info about Mageia 3 development.

Download it

You can download it by selecting your mirror from and going into iso/cauldron.

Classical installer

  • 2 DVDs 32 and 64 bits
    • Mageia-3-alpha1-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 5d0d1ec2e5282c32249c43db38044186
      • sha1: dc5a3d38ba589bb0116e9c21e36933e1067676d7
    • Mageia-3-alpha1-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: c0c26e9624b45ca75213b27230ca943f
      • sha1: 3444c498a90e1fb4c9d448110b7c36e2bf007e80
    • 100% free software inside, classical installer
    • 3 main graphical environments (KDE, GNOME, LXDE)
    • content will be added in coming release depending on reports
  • dual arch CD: one single iso with both 32 and 64bits
    • Mageia-3-alpha1-dual-CD.iso
      • md5: 6c3e7c20b41c003bb81d1d39b857a28f
      • sha1: 1cefbcdadb028424a6e3bec91a162e1273c98723

Live CDs

There will be no Live CD for this first Alpha, as the filesystem which is in the iso, unionfs is broken. Also the upstream development seems stopped ~6 months ago, so maybe we will have to maintain it ourselves or switch to another one. See blog post for more details.

Major new features


Base system

kernel Mageia 3 Alpha 1 ships with kernel 3.5.3.

glibc Mageia 3 Alpha 1 ships with glibc 2.16


  • /usr move main goal is to provide an easy way to mount most of the installed operating system files read-only during normal usage. Also make it easy to take snapshots (when combined with btrfs) or share it over the network.

Graphical environments


Mageia 3 Alpha 1 provides KDE Release 4.9.0 with the new instant messaging for kde telepathy-kde 0.5.0.
Additionally you'll be able to find Amarok 2.6.0 , the social media player Tomahawk player 0.5.5 but also digikam 2.9.0. Calligra (the Office applications for KDE) is provided in the current last release version 2.5.1.

All of this is based on the last stable Qt version 4.8.2 and since some people love to test software we're also providing Qt5 Beta1.


Mageia 3 Alpha 1 is shipped with GNOME 3.5.91, a development version. It uses:

  • gstreamer 1.0 beta/alpha version,
  • ibus version is still being worked upon. Only git versions of ibus are available so it was not updated. Some options in keyboard setting bit are missing compared to gnome 3.4

This is a development release as Mageia 3 final release will provide GNOME 3.6



  • The flight simulator Flightgear with it's just released 2.8.0 version


Software Development

Artwork and design

New artwork is not yet integrated in this early stage of Mageia 3.

Upgrade from Mageia 2

For now, as said in the Errata, the upgrade from Mageia 2 is not available, as the Usr Move migration is still in progress.

Known issues

See Errata page

Tests wanted!

If not done yet, you can confirm or invalidate the current reported (by the QA or other people) bugs: (see here or here a biggest list )

Bug reporting

You can find our bugzilla here, but please read the Errata before reporting any bugs. If you don't already have a Mageia account, you can create one on If you don't know, see how to report a bug.