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Here is the second alpha of Mageia 2 (due on Dec. 14th). This is alpha software. This means, it is NOT:

  • for daily use,
  • for any kind of productive use,
  • for writing any kinds of reviews.

It is a testing release for finding bugs, to look out for important missing packages, a platform for further development leading to the beta stage and finally our first official release planned in May. More info about Mageia 2 development.

Download it

You can download it from directly (easiest way) or by selecting your mirror from and going into isos/cauldron.

Classical installer

  • 2 DVDs 32 and 64 bits
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 3adc6aa2d94441d8b2f9d89b8b5a7cfe
      • sha1: fca90dffa63b2a24cd9b11661add91e47bb25c46
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: c25e9389056b2390bde42d1d68da301d
      • sha1: dad544bd3fbd67166c85d05ad7f5f2152e5c9e43
    • 100% free software inside, classical installer
    • 3 main graphical environments (KDE, GNOME, LXDE)
    • content will be added in coming releases depending on reports
  • dual arch CD: not available for now - due to systemd migration, some work is left to decrease the iso size so as to make it usable

Live CDs

  • 10 live CDs: how to choose the right one
    • pick up your environment: KDE or GNOME
    • pick up your language among 62 available
    • pick up the right architecture: 32 or 64 bits (new for this release!) - all languages not available yet
  • All live CDs isos:
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-GNOME-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: c40b288746b2970719d8d6a298244184
      • sha1: f8f7250005009cf0c2fe1b31e8af81680529dfe7
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-GNOME-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 7d0cb2950da17d56b43ffdeccf04234c
      • sha1: 3fe9837582190577e59b99d2ea74a0781f602e86
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 47d0c30a6d447882482dc63f1d15691a
      • sha1: 322c7089addd741edfcfbb07c9b89d11d687b506
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 5886281acc09a021924b3d46812a7da4
      • sha1: ab4b41cd2a2707336f905d2b8b262d59ba482b55
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-KDE4-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 68cfdac1c8ea38ecf6417487f382b9b1
      • sha1: 8a5e851d1f12d5b3c3b92f98f957010b3d4ae1e8
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-KDE4-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: b1b51a8e1a7fb218c0a9c721d46b3b03
      • sha1: 2018808b9348913d204c798d4d33d2e05a104dc3
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 3052ec80795130fd52b8a66ff5986177
      • sha1: 76968637c8f42cd9fe13f6a35cb0410127411258
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 376db097c1983c9e1d58ba7c94ab0447
      • sha1: 4e2d01afaf6bc3583aac0745ac0bd962a74ee051
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso
      • md5: 0dd08767f0ac21171411039ec4709bd0
      • sha1: 2ae6cfb28bef43340a575e5b898c4a64f28e091a
    • Mageia-2-alpha2-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso
      • md5: e670f008b2ddc7db7e84c23e5a3e15d9
      • sha1:fa8ae68d896c51357ddb23332ba7681a9012a79c

Major new features


Base system


Mageia 2 Alpha 2 currently ships with the latest stable release of kernel 3.1, but the actual relase will be shipped with 3.2+. Amongst numerous bugfixes and features, the new kernel offers support for improved virtualisation with Xen native support, improved performance and a new subsystem such as a new iscsi stack or NFC, and better security with the Tomoyo framework.


Mageia 2 alpha2 ships with latest stable glibc 2.14.1.


Following the standardisation effort going on in other distributions, Mageia has decided to adopt systemd for booting. This would lead to a simpler boot process, and easier maintenance. More details can be found on the systemd website. The option of keeping the current init system will be offered for people who prefer to wait a little and switch with a next release.


Graphical environments


Mageia 2 alpha2 ships with KDE 4.7.4 with the target of reaching 4.8.x for final release.


Mageia 2 alpha2 ships with Gnome 3.3.3 with the target of reaching 3.4.x for final release.


Mageia 2 comes with the most up to date LXDE packages, including Pcmanfm 0.0.10


Sugar 0.95 is in the repository (bug 1969)





  • mysql 5.5.15
  • postgresql 8.4.9 and 9.0.5



  • geos 3.3.1
  • gdal 1.8.1
  • umn mapserver 6.0.1
  • qgis 1.7.2
  • postgis 1.5.3


  • apache 2.2.21
  • postfix 2.8.6


  • drupal 7.10
  • mediawiki 1.16.5


Compilers / Interpreters

The Gnu compiler collection ( gcc ) has been updated to the 4.6 branch, offering native support of Go, and improving support of the next c++ standard C++0x. Numerous optimisations have been added.

  • gcc 4.6.2
  • python 2.7.2 and 3.2.2
  • perl 5.14.2
  • ruby 1.8.7
    • rails 2.3.14
  • php 5.3.8
    • smarty 2.6.26 and 3.1.5
  • java openjdk- and sun-


  • eclipse 3.7.1
  • netbeans 7.0.1
  • anjuta 3.3.2

Artwork and design


Arcade games

  • supertux
  • supertuxkart
  • hedgewars

New or updated chess packages

Known issues

See Errata page

Tests wanted!

This alpha release should allow us to focus on following items:

  • hardware detection
  • boot process
  • ISOs content, missing packages or firmwares (in the LiveCDs)
  • default content for graphical environment (KDE, GNOME, LXDE)
  • filtering out references to Mageia 1 and Mandriva (!)

For full testing procedures please find more information through the QA Team portal

Bug reporting

You can find our bugzilla here. If you don't already have a Mageia account, you can create one on If you don't know, see how to report a bug.



Alpha 2 planning to release isos

When Targetting What to be done
2011/12/09 local freeze of repository to start building isos Check media consistency (deps, missing  ; finalize major changes to be included in alpha 2 isos (please add in list below in major new feature)
2011/12/09 to 2011/12/13 build and QA tests link to QA page: who will do what and when, reports to release manager...
2011/12/13 prepare and write announcement for isos spread news and ask for tests
2011/12/14 public release for alpha2 isos triage team ready to help and tag reports so that both packagers and testers can have proper feedbacks