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Here is the first alpha of Mageia 2 (due on Nov. 25th). This is alpha software. This means, it is NOT:

  • for daily use,
  • for any kind of productive use,
  • for writing any kinds of reviews.

It is a testing release for finding bugs, to look out for important missing packages, a platform for further development leading to the beta stage and finally our first official release planned in May. More info about Mageia 2 development.

Download it

You can download it from directly (easiest way) or by selecting your mirror from and going into isos/cauldron.

Classical installer

  • 2 DVDs 32 and 64 bits
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-i586-DVD.iso
      • md5: 96eb39a457bfdbf31a9ce79cedfd938e
      • sha1: 899d6eaa847c7db05334a17f527b1c3f4291f901
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-x86_64-DVD.iso
      • md5: 005f8990fa40b5510030307c28a0649b
      • sha1: 3dfb17ddabe22d5df7cbcd911403073a594d00cf
    • 100% free software inside, classical installer
    • 3 main graphical environments (KDE, GNOME, LXDE)
    • content will be added in coming release depending on reports
  • dual arch CD: not available for now - due to systemd migration, some work left to decrease iso size to make it usable

Live CDs

  • 10 live CDs: how to choose the right one
    • pick up your environment: KDE or GNOME
    • pick up your language among 62 available
    • pick up the right architecture: 32 or 64 bits (new for this release!) - all languages not available yet
  • All live CDs isos:
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: f50acd96bcb9acec7ed3c3d8af80eebe
      • sha1: f88e02fd9f2c042a924dba1fa4686a93a780f6ba
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 95722c805a4c9ea5c70a9ec167bb513c
      • sha1: 182491742eda3dd950371c34fff1b9939dbcf6a0
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 9b1c42f35b6a48c0b99886524563c764
      • sha1: 82f384aea973cecf53f9e871daf06fa3c6e1c34f
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 27540fd18e8ce3802e3678bf26eae075
      • sha1: 2b58910f32646960ed52777921fdb8b1fea3a5b6
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-Africa-India-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 301f25ef83de53d7b5859abe8fb2aa2c
      • sha1: f3c80bc3cc63d66c0c113780760533f35356dc59
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-Asia-Noindia-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 295ccf80cfdfb788ef57777e3fe851c8
      • sha1: 0c505c89ded4d55973c3a7f73f11eb76a3355f7e
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: fc3d0baa8b890049b5a0a3a283752164
      • sha1: 4b04cd1c0e3ee9291ca022c2a4f64f5e19ab9e1f
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe2-i586-CD.iso
      • md5: 5b720fe017ee1b4dc163a8ad17862f2f
      • sha1: ffc5c60322e0e54f9a275ceea789cdbc8832d8a2
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-GNOME-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso
      • md5: c1913931cd9938de622364bc9715b013
      • sha1: cc4b9067538b4ef88b25da46d2bcc31bf6cecc14
    • Mageia-2-alpha1-LiveCD-KDE4-Europe1-Americas-x86_64-CD.iso
      • md5: 338a559c26372422d332f26ec51a2dd8
      • sha1: 49ca6bd4aea4cc7e408e72f6af0a0a30682b2701

Major new features


  • Work is in progress to decrease size of minimal install

Base system


The current version is 3.1.2 and comes with:

  • backported ASPM patch to improve battery life.
  • Improved graphics for the Intel hardware.


systemd integration is in progress and still not finalized. So you may get some side effects. Have a look on meta bug to check reported bugs:

  • speedboot is now disabled as it was doing pretty much the same as systemd for boot speed


  • glibc: update has been done before release and we use now 2.14.1
  • apache: the rpm package apache-base has been replaced by the package apache

Graphical environments


Alpha 1 is providing 4.7.3 version


Alpha 1 is coming with Gnome 3.3.2


An updated LXDE desktop can be used installing the task-lxde meta package.

Artwork and design

New artwork is not yet integrated in this early stage of Mageia 2. But Mageia has switched from Ia_Ora to Oxygen theme for KDE and oxygen-gtk for GNOME. It will still keep consistancy between gtk and Qt applications.

Still we have some issues pending that will be fixed in coming weeks, especially using gnome-shell.


Lots of new games avalaible, and are easy to install just selecting the task-games meta package.

Known issues

See Errata page

Tests wanted!

This alpha release should allow us to focus on following items:

  • hardware detection
  • boot process
  • ISOs content
  • default content for graphical environment (KDE, GNOME, LXDE)
  • filtering out references to Mageia 1

Bug reporting

You can find our bugzilla here. If you don't already have a Mageia account, you can create one on If you don't know, see how to report a bug.



Alpha 1 planning to release isos

When Targetting What to be done
2011/11/10 local freeze of repository to start building isos Check media consistency (deps, missing  ; finalize major changes to be included in alpha 1 isos (please add in list below in major new feature)
2011/11/10 to 2011/11/15 build and QA tests link to QA page: who will do what and when, reports to release manager...
2011/11/15 prepare and write announcement for isos spread news and ask for tests
2011/11/16 public release for alpha1 isos triage team ready to help and tag reports so that both packagers and testers can have proper feedbacks