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Sobre as listas de discussão


In order to subscribe to any of the mailing lists, you need a mageia identity account. If you don't have one yet, create one on (see FAQ:Accounts for more details). Login using your login and email on, then go to the page for the list you want to subscribe and click on the subscribe link.

Cancelar Subscrição

Unsubscribing is done through the web interface too, on the list page, after login on with your identity login and password. If you lost your password see this page.

Alteração do endereço de e-mail subscrito

Conulte esta página.


Archives for all mailing lists are available from the list page on

Archives for the mailing lists previously hosted on are available on

Criação de uma nova lista

If you think a new mailing list is needed, contact Sysadmin Team.


Some of the mailing lists are available on gmane. See this page.

Lista das listas de discussão

Listas de Discussão Gerais

  • announce: important announces about Mageia (new releases or other important events)
  • dev: Mageia developement discussion list. For technical discussions about Mageia developement
  • updates-announce: Notifications for security or bugfix updates for Mageia stable releases

Listas de discussão dos Utilizadores do Mageia

  • discuss: Main discussion list about Mageia, for any topic that doesn't have a better mailing list

Conselho, Assembleia e outros grupos de administração

  • council: Council discussion list. Only council members can post messages to the list, but anybody can subscribe with read-only access.
  • board-public: Board discussion list. Only board members can post messages to the list, but anybody can subscribe with read-only access.
  • board-private: Board private discussion list, for rare discussions that cannot be public. Only board members can be subscribed to the list.
  • board-commits: Mailing list receiving commits on board documents (association statutes, etc ...)
  • treasurer-commits: Mailing list receiving commits on Mageia.Org association treasurer repository

Packagers e programadores

Discussion are done on the dev mailing lists.

  • bugs: Notification for new bugs or comments submitted to bugzilla. This mailing list receives all the notifications for all bugs (triaged or not, packaging, dev, atelier issues, infrastructure...)
  • pkg-bugs: Notification for changes on bugs assigned to pkg-bugs. Those are bugs that have been triaged, when the package has no registered maintainer or the maintainer is unresponsive. It also receives notifications from Bugzilla for bugs it has been added in CC too (when the maintainer needs help, for example).
  • changelog: Notifications for new packages uploaded on the repository, for Cauldron and stable releases
  • soft-commits: Notifications for all commits on the soft repository

Atelier (ilustrações, Web, comercialização, comunicação)

  • atelier-commits: Notifications for all commits on the atelier repositories (Web, Artwork, etc)

Triagem de erros (Bug)

Internacionalização e tradução

  • i18n-bugs: Notifications for translation bugs from bugzilla
  • i18n-reports: Automated reports for new translations (documentation changes, new blog posts, etc ...)
  • Discussion lists for various languages are also available. See the full list on this page

Garantia de Qualidade

  • qa-bugs: Notifications for bugs assigned to QA team


  • doc-bugs: Notifications for bugs assigned to documentation team

Comunidade Local

Administração do Sistema


  • forums-bugs: Notifications for bugs assigned to forums team