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Who can learn to triage bug reports?

We experienced that it is within reach of people who:

  • know Mageia well, or have ample Mandriva/Mandrake or RedHat/Fedora experience
  • know how to use the command line
  • are not afraid to make mistakes.

To get started, do the following:

If you have enough time

  • read bug reports
    • there are too many of them, so feel free to make a selection, or a selection of a selection, for instance:
      • only bug reports about some software you are interested in
      • only bug reports about e.g. support for your wlan adapter, video card or printer
      • only bug reports about cauldron, or only about the last stable Mageia version
  • study the triage guide
  • study the bug policy
    • same as above: we need you, and you'll learn!
  • ask on IRC (#mageia-bugsquad, #mageia or #mageia-dev channel) if you need to know something and don't get frightened if no one replies: in that case, everybody is too busy or away and someone will reply later (staying online helps to see the reply ;-) )

If you are short on time

If you don't have much time or prefer to learn step-by-step: please join #mageia-bugsquad and say so. You could for instance start then with one of the following:

  • try to reproduce new bugs that weren't confirmed yet
  • go over old bug reports¹):
    • test whether they are still valid
    • or ask the reporter and/or assignee whether it is

However, if you'd rather read the rest of the instructions, first: that is fine, too

More useful instructions

  • start trying code from the triage guide for yourself, to see what happens
  • learn how to use Sophie
  • look around in upstream Bugzilla's and forums

In all cases

¹) shows the bugs that saw no action in 2 years or more. Change "730" in the link to a lower value if this link returns an empty list, now.

Go to the Bug Squad Portal