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Date  : 2016-01-30 - 2016-01-31
Place  : Brussels, Université Libre
Person in charge :

Organizational process

activity deadline in charge status comment
Call for project november 2015 ennael done
Buy personnalized pens january 2016 ennael in progress
Buy Mageia table cloth january 2016 ennael in progress

Demos, workshops, talks

activity preparation (who?) execution (who?) time place comment


material person in charge present (yes/no) comment
kakemono ennael yes
table cloth ennael yes
tee-shirts ennael yes
CDs (or DVDs?) ennael yes
USB sticks ennael yes
flyers ennael yes
stickers ennael yes

Booth attendants

Mageia booth will be in Building K, level 1, group B:

If you propose yourself as a booth attendant, that does not imply that you have to be there all day. The more people who volunteer, the less time a single individual must stay at the booth, so please do.
Please note, that we should have people at the booth, speaking French, English and - if possible - Dutch.

name, nickname, e-mail address spoken languages January 30th January 31st AFS (away from stand) during General Assembly and:
Maarten, AL13N, alien AT rmail DOT be vls_BE, nl_BE, en_US X X General Assembly and who knows what i'll go to...
Rémi Verschelde, Akien, rverschelde AT gmail DOT com fr, en, de, da X X GA, occasional meetup with guys from other projects (Godot)
Marc Lattemann, latte, marc dot lattemann at web dot de en, de X X General Assembly, not French nor Dutch speaking, so only backup ;)
Herman Viaene, hviaene, herman DOT viaene AT edpnet DOT be nl, en, fr, de X after 17.00h
Chris Ringeval, Eatdirt, eatdirt AT mageia DOT org fr_FR, en_UK X
Sebastian, sebsebseb, sebsebseb _ mageia AT gmx DOT com English, Swedish X a bit
Remco Rijnders, Remmy, nl, en X X

Who will be there


  • alien
  • hviaene
  • eatdirt


  • tmb


  • ennael
  • blino
  • BAud
  • neggwada
  • Animtim


  • Akien | Sat 30th 6:00 - Sun 31st 17:00
  • danf
  • latte



  • matteo


  • marja
  • Remmy

United Kingdom

  • pterjan
  • sebsebseb

Dinner Saturday night

Dinner will be at "Chez Leon" Rue des Bouchers 18, 1000 Bruxelles

When: 30th of january, 20h30

web site:

You can print a voucher here to get 50% reduction: Note that the voucher says Un bon par table est suffisant so it looks like not everybody needs to print one.

NB(eatdirt): In addition, be ready to receive a lot of spam as soon as you register for that voucher...

People who will join the Saturday night dinner

  • ennael
  • latte
  • marja (not sure, though)
  • alien
  • Akien
  • Augier
  • danf
  • tmb
  • eatdirt (2 persons)
  • blino
  • neggwada
  • BAud + nim
  • sebsebseb

People who would like to go for dinner on Sunday evening

  • <your nick or name>
  • <your nick or name>
  • etc.

People who would like to meet up again on the Monday before going home

  • sebsebseb
  • <your nick or name>
  • etc.

Transportation & accommodation




  • Some of us will stay at Hotel Villa Royale.
    Some of us stayed there 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. We can give good marks. It now (December 20, via costs (with free cancellation and including taxes) € 54/night for a single room, € 59/night for a double room, breakfast (10€) not included
  • an alternative could be Hotel Bristol Stephanie.
    It's somewhat near Fosdem (3km) and near Gran Place (2km), very luxurious, single room € /night ; double room €; club room (4persons) € . not included: breakfast buffet €/person; city tax €/room
  • Hotel Sabina, call them directly to get breakfast included into the price (~46 € for 1 night for 1 person-room, including tax & breakfast), near Metro Madou which is one change from Fosdem and near Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi) train station.

Take care of prices announced : usually breakfast is from 12 to 16 €, tax is 4 € by night. Call them directly rather than booking via plateforms :-) Confirm by mail to know what you're paying for.


  • Hotel :
  • Fosdem :

Annual General Assembly

As in the last four years, the General Assembly of the Mageia.Org Association will take place during FOSDEM.
In this General Assembly we will only do the Reviews of the last year, the elections for the positions on the board will take place after FOSDEM using the epoll electronic voting system, since not everyone will be able to attend the FOSDEM.

The topics for the General Assembly are:

  • General report about the association's last year (ennael)
  • Financial report
  • Discussion

The general assembly will happen on saturday at 16h in Building H room 3227.

What could be available at the booth

See the Events_box for ideas