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See packaging team too as at this time, both teams are very intertwined. The developers team is still in the forming stage.

Team leaders

  • mailing-list
  • irc channel
  • meeting/planning
  • team leaders: ?
  • team council representative: ?

People volunteering as:

  • representative to the council: <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader: <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader backup: <nick>, <nick>...

People that did not volunteer but you think would be good as:

  • representative to the council: anssi, tv, tmb, <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader: anssi, tv, tmb, <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader backup: anssi, tv, tmb, stewb, kharec, <nick>, <nick>...

People that have been volunteered by others, but do not want to have this burden:

  • representative to the council: <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader: <nick>, <nick>...
  • team leader backup: <nick>, <nick>...


What do we need to communicate:

  • mailing-list:
    • is mageia-dev enough, or is its goal to be shared amongst team?
    • mageia-soft to be added otherwise
  • wiki pages to hold documentation on our rules, best practices, etc

What other resources do we need:

  • scm to hold the software
    • migrate away from svn? git?
    • should we wait for this step after 1st release?
    • do we let mdv keep maintaining the drak tools? or do we take them over?

Future ideas

These ideas are only for future discussion, they are listed here, so they won't be forgotten

  • having balanced gateways by default
    • a bit of advanced routing to make sure incoming packets go out the same interface.
    • balancing the multiple default gateways with advanced routing; and have some kind of daemon running to check which gateways are actually routing properly and modify the balancing accordingly.
  • Automatic device detection daemon running in the background that detects and identifies any hardware device connected via USB ports
  • Automatic/Manual Load and resource sharing between multi-core processors used in Desktops/laptops/netbooks thereby improving speed, stability and security issues - could be based upon AI or statistical sampling techniques (similar to the techniques used in Digital TV for bit rate reduction of n channels of digital data streams).
  • Development of a multi-kernel experimental version distro utilizing multi-core/multi-kernel processing and resource sharing capability.


  1. have communication place and decision tool
  2. decide on leadership
  3. decide on what to do with scm and draktools maintainership
  4. decide on names, numbers, suffixes
  5. have an import of mdv svn soft
  6. decide on important changes
  7. document them

List of registered people

  1. Adjamilton Júnior (ajunior) - ajunior at - I'm help in boot process. I can also help in the Kernel team, however I have very little experience in this area.
  2. Anssi Hannula (Anssi) - - urpmi, drakx11, handling of display drivers, monitor-edid
  3. Arnaud Patard (rtp) - - kernel / ARM / MIPS
  4. Beltaif Belgacem (Gasston) - Web Dev PHP/Mysql/Ruby On RAILS/Python/Shell .
  5. Blinov Vyacheslav (dant3) - blinov dot vyacheslav at gmail DOT com - C/C++, Qt4, KDE, Sql (MySQL, PostgreSQL, sqlite), design in UML 2, bash scripts, PHP, Symfony, working on madb.
  6. Brian Bailey (brianb) - - Future development and better hardware integration (device drivers) of Hardware devices for use with Mandriva and Megeia distros using next generation computer hardware builds - some C, and C++, programming experience, bit of python knowledge.
  7. Bruno Asada (asada) - bruno.asada at gmail dot com - C / C++ / Java developer
  8. Carlos Daniel Ruvalcaba (clsdaniel) - clsdaniel at gmail dir com - General C/C++ Development, some minor kernel patching, skilled Python developer.
  9. Carlos Esquer (carlitos) - carlitos.esquer at - C/C++ Development, Qt Development and Ruby programming
  10. Cazacu Bogdan (Bogo) - cazacu DOT bogdan AT gmail DOT com - kernel/ARM/MIPS/C/C++/Qt/java/pyth/bash/ruby/sql/uml2/MTP
  11. Chris Ellis (cellis) - - Java developer, specifically web apps. Interested in helping with distro tools.
  12. Chris Ringeval (eatdirt) - dirteat AT gmail DOT com - long term tester on cooker, f90 development, can contribute to scientific library packaging + fvwm2
  13. Christian Paier (paierlep) - paierlep AT yahoo DOT de - Want to help at C/C++, Qt, Java, Python programming (novice!)
  14. Daniel Okumura (takashi) - dtokumura [AT] inf [DOT] ufpr [DOT] br - Interessed in working with vim, perl and chromium-browser packages. C/C++, python, ruby, perl. (novice!)
  15. Daniel Wünsch (tombhadAC) - tombhadAC [at] haibox [dot] net - C/C++/GTK Developer
  16. David Baudens (pomgest) - pomgest at gmail dot com - usability suggestions
  17. David Sjölin (zarniwoop) - david.sjolin at - C/Java. No experience from developing distros but want to help and learn. Have been using (Slackware, Red Hat/Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu). Currently running Mandriva 2010 and 2009 at home and Ubuntu 10.04 at work.
  18. Egon Ashrafinia (Wubbbi) - e.ashrafinia at googlemail dot com - C|C++|QT|Python. But QT only a very bit. C and C++ Since 2008
  19. Eugene Zhuravlev (macdowell) - macdowell at cybsec dot org - Want to help on installer and/or server tools (c/c++)
  20. Fellipe Henrique (fellipeh) - fellipeh [at] gmail [dot] com - Want to help in develop (c++, shell) and security issues.
  21. Fernando Anthony Ristaño (Drakor) - drakorbofh AT gmail DOT com - c/c++, draktools (perl).
  22. Francesc Martínez (XescoMM) - francescmm AT gmail DOT com - Software engineering and develop in C/C++, Qt, Java, Perl. Installer/MCC, server tools, desktop...
  23. François Jaouen (farfouille) - farfouille64 [at] laposte [dot] net - Not real. skilled in Linux dev. I'm experienced in C / C++ / Java and Python. Some knowledge on Usb/MTP/Multitouch screen
  24. Gabriel Duarte (gabrield) - confusosk8 [AT] gmail [DOT] com - C/ASM/GTK/FLTK/a bit of C++/V4L/SOCKETS Developer. Skills in networking programming with POSIX Sockets, V4L2 API, GTK and FLTK for GUI and some Assembly for low-level tasks, like kernel modules. I could help to improve applications or help to develop from scratch, like the installer or some kernel parts.
  25. Gatewood Green (woody) - - installer/MCC/draktools (Perl).
  26. Gibault Stéphane (csgib) - - QT4 / C++ developpements
  27. Hans Werner May (hwm) - nc-mayha2 [at] netcologne [dot] de - Python programming / PyQT4 / Postgresql
  28. Jérôme Martin (jmartin) - mageia AT delaur DOT net - C/C++/Java/Perl - Qt
  29. Joel SIMOES (mcjo79) - //joel//--DoT--//simoes//--AT--//lezard-visuel//--DoT--//com// - C++/ Java developer
  30. John Schneiderman (jadziamd) - johnms [at] member [dot] fsf [dot] org - C/C++ (expirenced), drak tools (novice)
  31. Jorge Torres (Death) - - Web Dev PHP/Mysql and C/C++
  32. Juergen Harms (juergen_harms) - - Perl, C , Tk (sorry no C++, Qt). Skills in GUI bilding, parallel application development, low-level communications programming (CAN); Linux-related: an expert user, but no knowledge about internals, could assume maintaining stuff still using Tcl/Tk
  33. Leandro Dorileo (dorileo) - ldorileo at - C/Java/Python..., Kernel/Boot Loader(grub)
  34. Luca Berra (bluca) - bluca [at] vodka [dot] it - lvm/dm/md etc.
  35. Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz (dlucio) - dlucio AT okay DOT com DOT mx - Will help to do a better polish server oriented out-of-the-box distro.
  36. Maarten Vanraes (AL13N) - maarten.vanraes AT - Want to help on installer and MCC.
  37. Manolo Barea (manolobarea)- - C++/Java/ Qt/ System Administration/ Networks
  38. Matheus Santana (matheusslima) - matheusslima at yahoo dot com - C/C++/Java developer - Sql (MySQL, PostgreSQL). <= email bounced
  39. Michael Glenn Moore (civileme) - - Enterprise monitoring, unit tests, minor kernel work, Python tools, SNMP, Python Frameworks
  40. Muhammad Tailounie (Linuxero) - - C/C++, QT, Kernel
  41. Nex6, borg [at] borg1911 dot com - I am a Design Engineer, am willing to help have not coded on Nix in awhile. but, know Perl, ruby, C#, etc.
  42. Philippe Makowski (makowski) - makowski.mageia at - Will try to help (Python)
  43. Roberto Uris Guerra (uris77) - uris77 at gmail dot com - No experience developing distros. Have been using Linux since late 2000. Mandriva is currently my workstation. At work we have Mandriva running on over 30 servers. Experience in Java,Groovy,Grails,Perl,Ruby. Would like to very much to make myself useful since Mandriva is a big part at where I work.
  44. Samuel Verschelde (stormi) - stormi [at] laposte [dot] net - Can't dev much, but can work on specifications, conception, and usability.
  45. Sandro Cazzaniga (Kharec) - cazzaniga dot sandro at gmail dot com - Perl, bash script and a little of C. I will help more on perl/bash (urpm-, mcc, draktools) (others bash/sh scripts..)
  46. Siavash Ghiasvand (SiavashGh) - Siavash.Ghiyasvand at - C, kernel related
  47. spctm (Govind) - govind.rajan [at] gmail dor com - Can help with Perl and Python stuff. Interested in contributing for control center tools
  48. Stew Benedict (stewb) - stewbintn AT gmail DOT com - some experience with installer/drak tools from my time @Mandriva
  49. Suldin Egor (rd3tap) - rd3tap AT gmail DOT com - Want to help at C/C++, Qt
  50. Thierry Vignaud (tv) - thierry.vignaud At gmail DoT com - c, perl, ... draktools, installer
  51. Thomas Backlund (tmb) - - kernel team
  52. Uta Scarciolla (tigger-gg) - tigger DOT gg AT googlemail DOT com - LXDE Live ISOs
  53. Vilmain Nicolas (simpp) - nicolas.vilmain [at] gmail [dot] com - I will help for C developpement and little C++ for administration tools, server tools or other.
  54. Yves-Gaël Chény (hurdman) - yves at antredugeek dot fr - i will help, c / c++ / QT , system tools or over ( ever work on custom initrd, custom installer, and over config tools ).
  55. Zied CHEDLY (zieduz) - chedly.zied at gmail dot com - first time volunteer for linux distro, c / c++ / java / bash script, i have some experience on linux kernel programming, system programming (IPC, Socket, netlink, ...), linux system administration
  56. zsejk (zsejk) - zsejk77 at gmail dot com - first time volunteer for linux distro; software developer in java, c#, c/c++, delphi (in order of experience)
  57. Jehan - jehan.marmottard at gmail - senior software developer. Has good experience in C/C++, Ada2005, Objective Caml and PHP, and some lesser experience/knowledge of bash, javascript, XUL, prolog, etc. (but basically in the end, though I have preferences, language does not matter). I would be interested particularly into improving the packaging system to make a safe rolling release packaging, with the use of flags.