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Atelier feedback and wishes

This page is meant for everyone to report, in the wild, things that should/could be done to improve in Mageia regarding several related aspects: identity, design, branding, marketing, communication, artwork, Web, UX.

Please understand that this page will be regularly, heavily edited by the Atelier team. So don't be surprised if your entry is removed, changed, mixed, whatever. And understand that some feedback may even be bluntly ignored. We will munge and reduce all inputs into a smaller list we can act on and will port these actions into

Please use the following template, and add your entry at the bottom of the list



  • you may provide links to resources we could use
  • you're welcome to provide a contact (mail, irc nick, mageia uid, twitter, other) if you wish, so we may contact you for further details

Currently accepting inputs for Mageia 3 and beyond


Artwork ideas

  • Mga3 artwork todo list
  • We'll have to decide what is feasible, what isn't and what is the priority rating of things that are.
  • --max 10:48, 26 June 2012 (UTC)

Let the users and artist to decide the artwork

  • make artwork is in the build of a distro a work as hard as others, so may consider set polls where users and artist vote the artwork, comment if a artwork not accomplish with the rules of the artwork contest, etc.
  • if board likes other artwork different to the community choice, don't drop the community choice, instead if is possible offer both as alternatives at installation time, if that is not possible document in the wiki the alternative artwork.

Marketing ideas

During development cycle:

  • blog posts about milestones/changes/reviews for current version
  • tweets/facebook/G+ posts to spread blog post updates
  • press releases for milestones/pre-alerts/to keep Mageia in the public eye
  • update to Distrowatch blurb about Mageia
  • updates to Wikipedia page about Mageia

Leading up to release:

  • update list of press contacts for Mga3 press release
  • write up press release so it's ready to go as ISOs are released
  • write up blog post ditto
  • publish press release
  • publish blog post

Following release:

  • Collect reviews
  • tweet/fb/g+ posts about reviews
  • keep Mga public info updated

Web ideas

  • We are currently using the default sympa theme on A new theme with Mageia artwork would be nice.
  • Integrate the mageia identity into the wiki, i have to logged twice because this lack of integration ;)