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Please list work that you are working on here, where the work is located and what you are wanting to achieve with it.

Name/contact detail Work Title Location Aims Status
Schultz MGA 5 Artwork Collecting To gather the ideas for MGA 5, ie background, screensavers etc. In Progress
Karine MGA Artwork 1icon cool.png 2icon smile.png 3icon cry.png 4beaming face with smiling eyes.png 5icon e confused.png 6icon e sad.png 7grinning face.png 8face with tears of joy.png 9rolling on the floor laughing.png 10grinning face with big eyes.png 11grinning face with sweat.png 12grinning squinting face.png

13winking face.png 14icon smile pinky.png 15face savoring food.png 16smiling face with heart-eyes.png 17face blowing a kiss.png 18neutral face.png 19expressionless face.png 20without mouth face.png 21face with open mouth.png

To gather the ideas for MGA's forum, ie smilies etc. In Progress



TODO for web subteam

page LTR/RTL support: dir=
_nav/langs/en.pot -
2.pot ltr only on download_index.php, none in index.php, ./for-pc/index.php, ./for-server/index.php
3.pot ltr only on download_index.php, none in index.php, ./for-pc/index.php, ./for-server/index.php
4.pot ltr only on download_index.php, none in index.php
404.pot ltr
5.pot ltr only on download_index.php, none in index.php
about.pot ltr
about/code-of-conduct.pot ltr
about/constitution.pot ltr
about/media.pot ltr
about/reports.pot ltr
about/values.pot ltr
calendar.pot ltr
documentation.pot ltr (archive.php and index.php)
donate.pot ltr
index.pot ltr
map.pot ltr
news.pot -
support.pot ltr
thank-you.pot ltr
/langs.php 2 x ltr
/en/1/index.php ltr
/en/support/report-a-bug/index.php ltr
/en/about/reports/template.php ltr

TODO for Artwork subteam

  • Switch png icon to svg icon (for example with drakx-net

Web subteam needs

  1. DONE: some ftp space to use for pdf and epub files to be able to link them on doc website. This requirement is actually common with doc team.

Issues in our Bugzilla

(test code, please leave it here until it does work - related to -)

<bugzilla> {

 "keywords": "Atelier"

} </bugzilla>