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Logo selection process

Logo creation was proposed early and a set of guidelines has been written in the meantime. Final deadline for proposals was on November 9th 2010.

  • 113 posters (how many artists?), ~430 proposals posted to (you may need to be logged in Flickr to view all proposals)
  • make a first short list (red) based on specific, somehow objective criterias
  • open this list to discussion
  • make a second short list (orange)
  • board decide on the logo
  • provisions are made with the author and the association
  • logo refinement work, usage guidelines redaction

Note that:

  • only founding board members have a say in the short-lists and final selection
  • that does not mean that opinions and advice won't be listened to (especially marketing/comm/artwork teams, but as well from the whole community)
  • short list tags (red, orange, yellow) are named after the first colours of a rainbow (see )

Short lists

First, red (77 items; however, some people removed their contributions afterwise)

Are not in this short list, proposals:

  • that do not respect the "What MUST NOT be in the logo" (see artguide
  • that quality or research seem not relevant enough (font experiments for instance)
  • have a too obvious relation to an existing logo or trademark (especially Mandriva)
  • are duplicates of other proposals (only one or two file would be kept in the short list, that does not mean that duplicates are out of the game, it's to keep the focus on the original design)
  • that are not clear or not related

Some proposals that did not qualify may still be in the short list because they had an interesting direction.

This "red" short list has been made on Wednesday November 10th by: Damien, Arnaud, Romain (founding members) with collaboration of Caroline, and discussed later with founders board.

Second, orange (27 items)


  • in the "red" short list
  • having been remarked through discussion on mageia-discuss mailing-list (among other sources, search for "[Mageia-discuss] Logo proposals discussion" discussion thread or comments on each proposal Flickr page).

This filtering/discussion took place during the second half of November 2010.

Third, yellow

No third list. Vote goes with orange list above (week 49). Vote by founding members happened on Monday/Tuesday Dec. 8/9th 2010. Result is here: . Official announce is here:

Thanks for your criteria proposals; some will be used/added to the logo refinement & usage guidelines.


Will be conducted on the mailing-list.

The good/the bad/the can-be-improved.


  • rather objective criterias for short-lists
  • flexible selection
  • reasonable time frame between first proposal and final decision (~2 months)

Can be improved

  • have a submission tool to:
    • track contributions per author
    • list all authors
  • better assert guidelines (and repeat/highlight their importance) and short-list criterias
  • better notify all submitters on each short-list
  • have had the final voters explain their choice? (it was a vote among 15 people, 15 reasons? or a summary?)
  • although open discussion happened on the list, some people seem to think that there was not clear/open enough?

Logo artists

available task, skim through the proposals and list all posters/artists that posted a proposal, for the record. (fetch from in order)

  • shikamaru,
  • Zepolit
  • zappafonk
  • Knu_
  • ofaurax
  • AlexN83
  • alphadelta.fg
  • skyPhyr
  • fabiwanne
  • sisopetron
  • Skybluetux
  • Largo43
  • alexsim22
  • eleefece
  • chocolat_kinder
  • pexatar
  • rarroyo23/Blogdrak...
  • DeepPurple2010
  • RefLinux
  • gejobj
  • demorose
  • jeppdot
  • benbois
  • diesys
  • guenolevalet
  • astronom1987
  • fcommephab
  • mageourcraft
  • Hakan Erdemir
  • nuno@oxygen-icons...
  • eMiR - Mageia...
  • Legner
  • demorose
  • franckd00
  • redy.rodriguez
  • jecs1979
  • tigger-gg
  • Malcer Quaid
  • boklm
  • pauajusa
  • monchr
  • ashledombos
  • Olivier aka goom
  • jeppdot
  • continue from
  • name/nickname, url if any, contact mean (twitter, mail, irc handle, etc.)