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Artwork guidelines


  • A Logo
  • Color schemes
  • Style guides (web, print, others)

Logo design guidelines

These guidelines are here to help you define and refine your logo proposal for Mageia.

Deadline was November 9th 2010. Thanks a lot to all who put work in this and posted their proposals. Check the [selection progress]

Proposals should be:

No reference to:

  • Mandrake/Mandriva or other Linux/Free Software brand (KDE, GNOME, other) and any other obvious trademarked/common logo
  • Mandrake/Mandriva star, wand, hat, wizard
  • blue/yellow Mandriva color scheme
  • Tux (pingouin)
  • Linux, GNU/Linux


  • explain why these colours
  • limit count: 3 to 5 max (can be glossy/have shades but need a flattened version)
  • should be colorblind friendly if possible
  • variants in black/white or gray shades


  • web (RGB), favicon (very low resolution)
  • print (paper, posters, flyers; CMYK), either color or greyscale when using laser printer
  • t-shirts (white on dark-red for example), one color permitting to have higher-quality t-shirts with longer-term print (see gnome t-shirt, fosdem t-shirt...)
  • mugs


  • please, remember to explain your logo and the idea behind it
  • should have a title version (text only)
  • should have a icon logo version fitting in a square shape (favicon, icons)
  • should have a icon logo + text title version
  • must be readable (if bearing text) in several resolutions
  • specify what font(s) and resources you used or if they are original, for that they must be cleared for free/libre use;
  • for text, unless a specific type designed for the logo, free/libre fonts are strongly preferred; non-free font should be cleared for free use;
  • (opt) imagine logo derivatives (alternatives versions of the distribution, country-based, events)

Deliverable for selection

To help us try and decide on your design, please provide:

  • an explanation for your logo
  • colour codes and explanations
  • a full colours PNG with background transparency in small (32x) and big (256px) formats
  • a favicon proposition
  • a shades of gray/flattened version
  • (opt) a link to the SVG source for your logo

Final deliverable after selection

    • If your design is selected**, keep in mind we will **need** the following:
  • full, exclusive license to be granted to association for the logo
  • SVG source, additional files (fonts, other)
  • technical explanation of logo construction
  • colour codes (Pantone, CMYK, RGB)
  • (optional) recommandations for guidelines (colours, spacing, etc.)



  • "Mageia" text and logo merged into a single icon (see NeXT, Sun, IBM)
  • having a distinctive stylized M + Mageia in the same, specific font
  • propose specifics for derivative community uses (web or ISOs)
  • other?

Color scheme
  • Web
  • print

Should match logo? not necessary

Branding Elements need to be defined:

  • Colour Pallette should be defined by target market. High attraction colours such as red, orange, yellow to evoke excitement targets younger users. Blues and silvers to evoke sophistication targets older, perhaps corporate market.
  • Fontface: Should be open font family ie: released under an Open license such as: Liberation, DejaVu, Bitstream Vera
  • use with and without text/name
  • avoid shading
  • readable text

Logo, web, print

These should define ruling for logo positioning(ie Distance from right and Left of page) Relationship between Logo, text and other bugs. Spacing from logo to other elements on the page.(measured in relative dimensions ie "30% height of logo", not absolute measures such as pixels or mm)


Coordination & help:

  • Caroline Garlatti (Caro) - cgarlatti at