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Working on forum code

We need a number of patches to ease forum use for users and also for the team

Mods to add (for users):

  1. Mod to mark topics solved/unsolved by users
  2. Prime notify
  3. Prime links
  4. Advanced quick reply
  5. [code] enhancement
  6. Popup Layer on New PMs
  7. Syntax Highlighter 3 using autoloader
  8. Agree to privacy on first login
  9. Tweet this topic or post
  10. Highlight from search engine
  11. users choose displayed forums

Mods to consider (users):

  1. Prime Quick Buddies
  2. Prime Instant Redirect
  3. Automatic Daylight Savings Time (DST)
  4. Karma MOD
  5. Autolink MOD
  6. User Rank Progression Bar
  7. Prime BBCode Spoiler

Mods to add (for the team):

  1. Mod to keep revision of posts (to allow unlimited posts)
  2. Mod to allow responses models for helpers and moderators
  3. Prune Users Never Been Active
  4. Notify Admin on Registration
  5. Lock Post on Report
  6. Notify Moderators
  7. Soft Delete
  8. User Post Isolation
  9. View or mark unread posts
  10. lock new topic on submit

Hacks to code :

  1. Hack to forward users alerts (button to report a post) to a dedicated email list to accelerate moderators knowing about
  2. Hack to sync mailing lists and forums with intelligent approach (take in account merged or splitted topics...)


The forum is a PHPBB3 version with mods. All taken from :

Issues, bugs

On Mageia bugzilla:


webgit can be seen at

access to scm (anon and auth)


 git clone git://


 git clone ssh://

Procedure for forums updates



to be completed

see Web_Identity

Dev/Testing environments

  • For source management git will be used... so we'll need it too :)
    • (Sorry but here SVN is not an option we should consider viable imho)
    • Svn does not offer enough flexibility for playing with our repository while keeping a true link with upstream to merge their change with ours without pain :-/

Do you need modifications in phpBB sources ?

  • yes... some coming from (more or less) official patches (called "mods") some coming from ash and i and perhaps other php devs
  • /me close eyes when reading "(more of less) official patches".
  • That's the way phpBB people deals with "mods" : authors (not phpBB Team) publish them on the mods dedicated forum, and you are free to use (or not) them without warranty at all some are widely used and well known to be stable...

That's why integration and testing stages are so important

Nope... master/slave replication will not fit my needs : i need 2 separate bases. The production i won't play with it.

For testing : once i updated the code to the new version there can be SQL modifications : new tables, alter tables, insert or update for rows...

This will be triggered from admin board of phpBB... with a master/slave this would be forbidden or would brake replication

But we could perfectly use the last (nightly ,) production backup to populate the test base when i need to go back to "clean production state"

so that we test our changes (and the migration process) on a perfectly identic env before putting them in production.

  • strongly favor a automated deployment using git, at least on production server.
  • ok

Did you do various testing with a hardened configuration with dangerous call disabled ( mainly remote url access for a start, but i also think we can use opendir restriction, etc, etc ). Does it have non regression testing ( so we can enable stuff and see if anything break ? ) ?

Testing and integration envs are perfect for that :)